Chicago: Police Involved in Shooting on 10300 Block Pulaski Ave.

Chicago: Police Involved in Shooting on 10300 Block Pulaski Ave.

Preliminary Statement on Police Involved Shooting – 10300 block of S. Pulaski Ave.

On July 11, 2013 at approximately 1:00pm, 22nd District police officers responded to a call of an armed suicidal man in the 10300 block of S Pulaski Ave. Officers arrived on scene and encountered a male subject sitting in a vehicle who appeared to be highly agitated.

Officers attempted to persuade the subject out of the car for several minutes without success. A short time later, the male subject abruptly exited the vehicle and ran towards one of the officers. The offender then assumed a shooting stance and pointed a dark object at an officer. Because of the subject’s actions, and fearing for their lives, officers then discharged their weapons striking the offender.

The offender was transported to Christ Hospital in serious condition. No officers sustained injuries. This matter remains under investigation and all further inquiries can be directed to the Independent Police Review Authority at 312-446-3298.

One Response to "Chicago: Police Involved in Shooting on 10300 Block Pulaski Ave."

  1. Pete Greer   July 14, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    This were rogue cops intent on murdering an innocent man and getting away with it. cops commit to many murders and get away with it. Their internal investigations departments cover up for them, they rape, murder, rob , do drugs and commit more crime on average than the rear of the population does as a whole.when a cop pulls over another cop, the cop in question gets away with it as one of the perks of being part of an evil “brotherhood . They also cover up for one another, mafia style. When finally convicted. Of a crime they should do double the punishment of an average citizen as they know better. Just like cops come with their right hand on their gun ready to blow an innocent human being away on an excuse, any citizens when being approached by a cop should have his hand ongoing her gun at the ready and be able to shoot the cop the moment that the cop reaches for his or her weapon. Proper self defense. The innocent citizen has a right to life, liberty and to be safe from the thousands of rogue cops on our streets who murder innocent citizens on a daily basis and get away with it:


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