David Schubert Former Prosecuting Attorney Found Dead Possible Suicide

David Schubert Found Dead Possible Suicide

Former Clark County Deputy District Attorney David Schubert was found dead in the garage of his Las Vegas Home on Wednesday July 17 and it is being treated as a possible suicide.

The 49 year-old attorney came to the public’s attention when he prosecuted celebrities in drug cases; most famously, Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars. This high public profile did not help the Deputy District Attorney when he found himself in trouble with the law on his own drugs charge.

Las Vegas police forcibly entered Schubert’s home in the 8400 block of Cambrils Avenue shortly before 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, and found the man’s body in his truck with the windows rolled down in the house’s garage, according to Schubert’s friend and lawyer Louis Schneider. Police seem to feel that Schubert took his own life.

Schubert had been arrested as part of a traffic stop early in 2011 and police found him to be in possession of $40 crack cocaine and an illegal handgun in his car. Las Vegas police stopped him after an officer said that he’d witnessed a possible drug transaction near Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway, an area known for such activity.

The prosecutor’s arrest came just one month after he’d prosecuted the singer/songwriter Bruno Mars.

After Schubert pled guilty in September 2011 to the felony charge of unlawful possession of a controlled substance. He fled for Mexico, when he’d been sentenced to do nine months in jail. He then posted a picture on his Facebook page of a Mexican beach which law enforcement officials did not find amusing.

In his absence and convicted drug dealer revealed to the police that Schubert had been a regular customer. Schubert decided to return to the United States and he was arrested after a national law enforcement alert was put out for him.

As part of his sentence, a judge ordered that he attend a prison substance abuse program during his felony sentence. Before he went to jail, he told a judge that he felt his case had been treated harshly and unfairly.

Schubert was expecting a mandatory probation and the chance to remove the felony conviction from his record. But, in court, the judge refused Schubert’s plea and called the ex prosecuting attorney, “a disgrace to his oath as a prosecutor and a lawyer” and stated that he would not get any special treatment. He was sent to prison in November 2012 and left after serving just under five months of his sentence.

In a prison interview with the local Las Vegas publication Las Review-Journal, Schubert said that he felt that he had been targeted. He said, “I did what I did, and I accept the consequences, but I don’t feel I was treated fairly by the system.”

The former Clark County prosecutor had been placed in isolation for his own protection because of his past history with other prisoners while he was still working for the courts. Once he got out of prison, Schubert had to make weekly contact with his parole officer. It was him missing his appointment last week that lead to the police finding his body.

Parole officers had visited Schubert’s home several times in an attempt to contact him. Finally, on Wednesday, they enlisted the Las Vegas police to help and they forced entry into his house where they found the body on Wednesday.

Schubert’s friend and attorney, Lou Schneier said, “I saw warning signs. Dave was extremely angry and despondent over the way he was being treated. It cost him his dignity, his law license, and finally, his life.”

Ironically David Schubert’s sentence was more severe than those celebrities that he had helped to prosecute. His own sense of injustice seems to have lead the former prosecuting attorney to take his own life in what appears to have been a suicide. The Clark County Coroner’s Office, is investigating for other possible clues to his death. Schubert is survived by two children, a 15 year-old son and a 14 year-old daughter.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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