Dell Project Ophelia to Late? Chromecast Rooted (Video)


With so many Android devices that can hook up to your TV via HDMI that can be a tiny computer making your computer a smart TV. Who would want to the game now? If you’ve read some of my other articles, you know about the CX-919, and MT-09. There are so many others, but the newer ones have a quad core processor and 2GB of ram. The new one that wants to come into your homes and make your TV smart is Dell with their Project Ophelia.

Dell is shipping Project Ophelia devices to early beta testers. First, a little about Project Ophelia. The device is about the size of a large USB thumb drive. Instead of just flash-based storage, though, Project Ophelia packs a Rockchip RK3066 processor and 1GB of RAM, as well as both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity into that small space. It also has a microSD card slot to add additional storage if necessary. It runs on Google’s Android mobile OS. The device demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year ran Android 4.1, but it seems reasonable to assume Dell will ship the device with the current version of Android before its official launch, which is expected to be the end of this year.

Project Ophelia is not a revolution that will make PCs irrelevant overnight. Android is great at what it does, but much of the business world runs on the Microsoft Office productivity suite and line-of-business or custom applications developed for a Microsoft Windows environment. Project Ophelia is rumored to be a meager $100 and plugs into an HDMI or MHL port on a TV or monitor. HDMI doesn’t transmit power, so it requires a separate USB connection when using that input. If that describes your company, Project Ophelia probably isn’t for you. However, businesses that have embraced virtual servers and virtual PCs and take advantage of cloud-based servers, and applications could benefit from a device like Project Ophelia.

Dell again is coming to the game late as well with HP and their new cheaper tablet. I think these companies need to come up with fresh new ideas that we haven’t seen already. I don’t think someone will want to pay $100 when they can get the same thing for $75 when it comes to this new Dell device.

Even Google’s $35 TV stick has become old and used even only after a week (even though I want one experience some features first hand). As a result, to all things hackable to those marvels that are so intelligent (I admit I’m not as) that can break into anything. Google’s Chromecast this weekend was rooted. Yep, the folks at GTV Hacker successfully rooted the Chromecast, bringing lots of neat info surrounding the little stick into light. Interestingly enough, they have established that the Chromecast’s roots lie in Android and not-so-much ChromeOS’s. In fact, more of a modified Google TV release, “but with all of the Bionic / Dalvik stripped out and replaced with a single binary for Chromecast.” After this all took place, a hacker over on Reddit was able to get a Gameboy emulator running through the device, then proceeded to allow his cat to make a demo video. If you didn’t already know, the guys at DL love cat videos.

Below this, video is another soapbox about my love for Linux, and a question for you.

I feel if software companies made versions of their software compatible with Linux (Yes, I know about Wine, but who can say that’s 100% full proof, and all software will work?). I think we could get away from Windows being the operating system of choice and computer sales would increase. Because there would be more satisfied people (customers/businesses not already using Linux) not having to deal with fragmentation slowing of their PC, and other issue’s PC have that Linux has very few (at this time, but again not all things work with Linux). Even if Linux needed to charge for a Pro version (for technical support for those who aren’t fluent in Linux). I would pay $10 or more for a Pro version knowing that I didn’t have to go to forums for support, but get a real person. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I would sure like to see Microsoft Windows die, and Linux rose up and Microsoft is only known for their console and games (Since Windows 8 and 8.1 kind of blew up in their faces. Oh, yeah there was that one thing called Vista that should have been there sign of what could happen). I also think if they made Android OS PC, then I would love that because the OS is free and has a variety of supports through tablet manufactures they would just modify it to work with PC hardware.

Okay time to get off my soapbox. What do you think of Dell’s Ophelia project do you think it’s too late or coming to us at the perfect time?

Forrest L. Rawls

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