“Devore Animal Shelter” Sees More Than 20 Dogs Rescued from Euthanization (Update)

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Devore Animal Control has released over 20 of the 130 dogs, in danger of being euthanized,  to two rescue shelters that came forward to help.

The puppies rescued from Rainbows End Animal Sanctuary in Apple Valley, CA have already been released and are not in danger.  There are still over 100 dogs that need to be placed in shelters.

Doug Smith, Supervisor-Animal Control Officer II, stated that he was misquoted. He never said they would only release one or two of the dogs, but any rescue group seeking to assist these animals must be a 501(3) rescue group that is already partnered with Devore or be able to verify that they are in good standing with their local animal shelter.  The shelters must also show that they can provide the necessary care for the animals.

Mr. Smith further stated that the reason the dogs cannot be released to the public is because the animals need ongoing medical care and behavioral training.  They have not been socialized.

Thanks to all those who have come forward to assist, but there is still much help needed.  The original photo used in the initial article was only to show what could have happened and the fact that many of these animals are still in danger of being euthanized.  For those offended by the photo, it was only to get this message out quick because 130 dogs is a large number to place and not one of us want anything to happen to these precious animals.

By: Veverly Edwards

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  1. mssmss   July 13, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    Since you say the dogs in the picture are not the dogs discussed in the article, where, in fact, was the picture taken?

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