Windows 8.1 RTM Coming Late August to PC Makers


When I beta tested Windows 7, I was quite happy that they had rebuilt it and left out the flaws of ME and Vista, but when I saw Windows 8, I was disgusted. I tested for a few seconds then got rid of it. Being in for tablets, I didn’t see use of it. And I was one who missed the Start button too.

When the programmers of the world created a bypass that allowed you to boot to the Desktop and bypassed the crappie start UI. I was happy, but that didn’t make me still install it. I wasn’t surprised when they announced 8.1, I knew that Microsoft did their Service Packs you think they not only would patch holes within Windows that they would somehow find a way to customize or add something cool to that version of Windows. Nope not usually.

But with the final build of Windows 8.1 being released to PC manufacturers by the end of August, Windows exec Tami Reller announced today at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference.

Windows 8.1 is the next major update to Windows, and a preview version of the software debuted two weeks ago at Microsoft’s Build developers conference. It will be fully available by the holiday season, but PC makers need the software early to get devices ready for sale. The version sent to PC makers is called Release to Manufacturing or RTM. The 8.1 update includes new features that try to appease people who had issues with Windows 8 and to advance what Windows can do. These features include a remedial Start button on the desktop, smarter search, better windowing, a redesigned Windows app store, and 3D printing support.

Reller also announced that Microsoft will launch a “User Experience Design Competency” program for its partners in January 2014. This competency supposedly will help get designers on track with the latest Windows updates and Microsoft-endorsed design strategies.

Microsoft could have saved themselves money and time if they had fixed it when I complained about way back when I beta tested it, and I know there were hundreds or even thousands of people who tested it before it was released to the public. But alas they wait until the 100 million or so licenses purchased before they do anything about it. More people would have converted and gone over to the “dark side” if they had it right the first time. I still have my concerns with how easy it is to hack into Windows unlike Apple’s OS and Linux. But I have to go with the flow and use Windows because most all software works best with it and I’ve already stated in previous posts that I don’t like Apple. You may ask me why? I say I like the option to open up my computer and upgrade for a few hundred bucks instead of having to buy a completely new system every time, there’s a new faster version of my computer. I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars either.

Since I don’t own Windows 8, I won’t see the changes, I do know that when Windows 9 comes out I will have to beta test it and see if they have improved anything. Or I might wait for screen shots or videos of 8.1 and see those wonderful changes that should’ve been changed during the testing process.

By: Forrest L. Rawls

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