Extreme Weight Loss Mehrbod July 16, 2013 (Preview)


On the Tuesday, July 16 episode of Extreme Weight Loss (ABC) we’ll be introduced to Mehrbod Mohammadi. He is a 32-year-old music producer and DJ living in Los Angeles, California. Mehrbod is a child of the  Iran/Iraq war who fled to America with his family when he was very young.

Mehrbod’s attitudes towards food was ingrained in him at an early age. He was taught that food was scarce and one should eat whenever food was available. Mehrbod took that advice to heart, and whenever food was available, he ate it, whether he was hungry or not.

As a result of this addictive food eating behavior, Merhbod weighs in at 434 pounds at the start of Tuesday’s episode.

Other than his weight and his food addiction preventing him from fully enjoying his life, Mehrbod seems to have it all —  a devoted girlfriend, a supportive family and a career full of potential.

One of the most important aspects to helping an individual lose weight is to have a supportive environment, which Mehrbod does have — but, will it be enough, in Merhbod’s case, to ensure his success in achieving his Final Weight Loss Goal?

That is a question that transformational coach and co-host of the show, Chris Poweell, and his wife Heidi ponder at different points during the year’s journey Merhbod undertakes towards losing weight and getting the skin reduction surgery he desires.

When Chris Powell learns that Mehrbod has a history of losing and regaining weight, he vows to help Mehrbod safely get to his weight goal in one year. If he reaches his first weight loss milestone challenge at the 3-month mark, as an incentive, Chris tells Merhbod he will help him purchase an engagement ring to give to his girlfriend.

Then, if Mehrbod continues to successfully lose weight and he attains the second weight loss milestone at the 6-month point, Chris offers  Mehrbod the opportunity to ski with him in Whistler, British Columbia, alongside World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street, who is an idol of Mehrbod’s.

However, after initial successes, and Mehrbod’s triumphant record breaking weigh-ins, he suffers a personal setback. Chris is worried when he sees Mehrbod falling back into his food addiction. With his end goal in sight, will Mehrbod jeopardize his chances of reaching once attainable goals?

This episode promises to be yet another fantastic one, filled with both joyous and tear-jerking moments. I will be interested in finding out in what ways Chris would like to see Merhbod change, other than losing weight. That’s because Chris emphasizes a complete transformation, both psychologically and physically, so that his clients can move on and leave the past and the reasons for their addictive behaviors behind them.

Will Mehrbod be one of Chris Powell’s biggest successes or failures? Tune in with me tomorrow night, Tuesday, July 16, on ABC to find out!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

One Response to "Extreme Weight Loss Mehrbod July 16, 2013 (Preview)"

  1. Brian Smith   July 24, 2013 at 2:06 am

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