MARSocial: Out of this World Income Opportunity for Writers, Artists and Visionaries


Writers, artists and visionaries: They say “there’s nothing new under the sun,” but that’s just an antiquated vision of the future. The fact is, new concepts and ideas are born into existence at an incredibly fast pace every single day. We’d like to introduce you to, also called Media Arts Review Social (MARS), a platform where your talent is valued and rewarded by a company that is owned by its community.

If you are a highly talented writer or an artist whose work has been praised by many but seen by few, MARS is your place. We’ve built a novel new platform that combines all the elements of social media with an incredibly powerful free publishing tool, designed to showcase your work. Write, collaborate with other writers and publishers, and hone your skill set all while earning money and gaining ownership in one of the fastest growing companies on the web today.

The best part is, it’s all free. Unlike many online companies that “publish” your work in exchange for money or “work from home” schemes that require a “membership fee” to join, MARS will never ask you for any financial contribution to reap the benefits of belonging to the network.

Here’s how it works: You sign up via our super-easy membership form. It’s a cinch and will only take a couple of moments to fill out. Once we receive your application, we’ll evaluate your skill level and contact you to be enrolled in our free “boot camp” program. These fun, hands-on classes will teach you exactly how to use our back-end publishing system, instruct you in the best ways to showcase your work and connect you to a fantastic group of editors and professional writers. You will receive extensive free training in all aspects of the company, and, once you finished boot camp, you will be a certified user of, as well as our subsidiary companies-Guardian Express and All three companies offer unlimited income potential and all are based off of the same powerful publishing platform and principles.

Once the application process is complete, you can start earning money right away. You see, we’ve broken through the traditional “glass ceiling” model of earning income, and started a Revolution. No more devaluing of writers and artists! Now, we are joining together to utilize online providers to serve our platform with ads. We pay a portion of the money we earn from hosting advertisements on our site to you, the writer. That means unlimited performance-based pay. Simply put, the more people who read your article, the more money you make. And, you have the complete freedom to write what you want, when you want. Presently, 2.5 million unique readers per month will have access to your published work, and that number is growing every day.

We’ll even teach you how to promote your article through our 50 collaborative social networks for free! It’s grassrootsma online “gorilla marketing” at its finest. We’re leveraging the democratic power of the internet to make money; the people decide whose article gets read the most, not some stodgy newspaper or magazine editor.

You’ll also be busy socializing, interacting with fellow writers and artists; exchanging tips and tricks to write better articles, making new friends, having fun, and honing your skills together, as a community. By coming together as a family, supporting each other, teaching, learning and growing, we will all become more skilled and show the world that writers and artists matter.
Join MARS today! You can register online by visiting: MARS

For those of you who want to write and start earning a professional writer’s income immediately please fill out the form conveniently located below.

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