Florida LB Morrison Learns Not to Bark at Dogs

Florida LB Antonio Morrison was arrested for barking at a dog.
Florida LB Antonio Morrison was arrested for barking at a dog.

The University of Florida men’s football team lost linebacker Antonio Morrison today after he was arrested for allegedly barking at a police dog. The team has already announced that he will face at least a two game suspension as a result of the arrest. It is the second time Morrison has been handcuffed in the past five weeks, and his future with the team is now in question.

Heading into the season it appeared as if Antonio Morrison would be the starting middle linebacker for the Gators, however barking at a dog has made that look unlikely. Coach Will Muschamp quickly let it be known that “I’m extremely disappointed in Antonio Morrison’s decision making. He has been suspended from the team and will miss at least two games to begin the season.”

Officially, Morrison was charged with “second degree misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest without violence and harrassing an on-duty animal after he barked at the dog,” according to the USA Today.

His first arrest was for hitting a local night club bouncer.

It is possible the first arrest will come back into play after he violated the deal that was made. He was charged with simple battery in the incident and had received differed prosecution pending he stay out of trouble for at least six months afterwords.

Police and Morrison differ on their accounts of what happened leading up to his arrest. Police say that Morrison barked at a dog in a marked police car, causing the dog to excitedly bark back at him. Police then attempted to handcuff the Florida linebacker, and he initially resisted.

According to the Florida LB, Morrison was simply barking back after the dog made a “woof-woof” sound at him.

Bill Cervone, the attorney for Antonio Morrison questioned whether or not his client should have been arrested. “Based on my initial review … I am concerned about the legality of the arrest.”

“If there is a crime involved then the previous deferral is subject to revocation. If not then that will not likely happen unless there is some other material breech,” Cervone continued. If there is a legitimate charge against the Florida LB, Morrison could face jail time as a result of barking at the police dog.

Although barking at a dog might not seem like a major offense, Florida LB Antonio Morrison learned that it can be illegal. He now finds himself in a great deal of trouble, putting in jeopardy what once appeared to be a promising career as a sophomore starter for the University of Florida football team.

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