Four Children Shot and Killed In Chicago During Zimmerman Trial


During the 20 days of the George Zimmerman trial, where he was charged with killing Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager in Sanford, Fla., who was walking through a gated community on his way home from the convenience store, four children — minors — were shot and killed in Chicago, according to Homicide Watch Chicago, a Chicago Sun-Times publication, which details every murder that takes place in the city.

The four minors were three teens and a five-year-old boy. No direct relation has been shown between these deaths and the Zimmerman trail, but it is further evidence of the gun violence in Chicago, which some residents, according to State Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago), blame on the police, though she does not.

Who were the minors who were gunned down and killed in Chicago?

Five-year-old  Sterling Sims was killed in a double murder on June 28 that also claimed the life of his mother, 31-year-old Chavonne Brown. They were both shot in their apartment. Police believe the motive was robbery.

Antonio Fenner,  16, was gunned down on the sidewalk on July 1 and was found next to the body of a 32-year-old man who had gang ties. His mother thinks her son must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, as no one in her family knew the other victim or how Antonio Fenner might have known him.

Damani Henard, 14, was murdered on July 3 outside a local high school. His body was discovered next to a bicycle.

Ed Cooper, 15, on July 9 was shot and killed while spending time with friends at a park. An unidentified gunman got out of a black van and began firing. The boys attempted to run away, but Cooper was shot. He continued running, making it to a vacant lot, where he died.

Why, according to State Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago), do some people believe police might be responsible for some of the murders?

Illinois State Representative Monique Davis (D-Chicago) was interviewed about Chicago crime Tuesday on WCHB-AM in Detroit. She publicly raised the possibility that Chicago police officers might be the ones responsible for the unsolved murders of black youths in Chicago.

“I’m going to tell you what some suspicions have been, and people have whispered to me: they’re not sure that black people are shooting all of these children,” Davis stated.

There’s some suspicion – and I don’t want to spread this, but I’m just going to tell you what I’ve been hearing – they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids.”

Later, when WBBM asked Davis if she thinks it’s possible that police are killing children, she stated:

I don’t know. I don’t know that they are, and I don’t know that they aren’t, since no one’s been arrested. We don’t know who’s doing it.”

On Friday, to clarify her previous statements, Davis held a news conference at her South Side legislative office. She said that, while some of her constituents believe that, she does not, nor does she believes she owes anyone an apology.

My community believes that. Should I apologize for my community’s beliefs?”

Who is responsible for the unsolved murders of black children in Chicago, and for that matter, for any of the unsolved murders in Chicago? Four children were shot and killed during the Zimmerman trial in Chicago. They are some of the most recent victims of gun violence in a city which has some of the strictest gun control laws in America. Whoever their murderers are, they must be brought to justice by the hard-working men and women of the Chicago police force.

Want to hear State Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago) in her own words? If so, click here!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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