Full Moon Synchronized Earth Healing Through the Heart

Full Moon Earth Healing through the heart
The Global Coherence Initiative in cooperation with HeartMath and other organizations and individuals world wide have organized the Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus meditation experience today for Earth healing through the heart.  Global Coherence Initiative is a scientifically based organization which measures earth and planetary changes through individual and group heart coherence techniques, showing the scientific connection between the physical heart, how one feels, and what goes on in the world on a mass scale.

Global Coherence Initiative has shown that large groups of people bringing their heart waves and brain waves into coherence together, affects the global population for good, reducing incidents of terrorism, crime and death.  ‘Coherence’ was described more in depth in the recent article NASA Utilizes Scientific Language of the Heart.  Basically, it means ““a highly efficient physiological state in which the nervous system, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems are working efficiently and harmoniously.”  As this organization along with HeartMath, has gather individuals as well as corporate clients worldwide and implemented these monthly Care Focus sessions, we are seeing a sweep of healing throughout the earth through attention placed on the heart.

Today, the times for coherent group heart focus are 4 a.m., 12 o’clock noon, and 8 p.m. Pacific Time.  The Global Coherence Initiative has over 50,000 members now in over 150 countries participating in these sessions.

We are a diverse people with many different cultural, religious, spiritual, racial and ethnic backgrounds. We have come together in heart coherence to co-create a shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace. While we may have different opinions and views, we are one in our heartfelt care and intention.

In the Shift energies, many more people are opening their hearts to others of different beliefs and backgrounds, yet areas of hatred and separation are being amplified at the same time. Religious and sectarian differences threaten democracy and peace in Egypt, Syria and other countries, ethnic cleansing continues in Africa, animosity between conservatives and liberals stalemate democratic processes and progress in the United States and Europe, while racial profiling contributes to social unrest in many nations.

The Shift energies are bringing historical separations and prejudices to the surface to be addressed from the heart. The heart reveals our common humanity and sees the opportunity for new creativity in diversity. For this full moon Care Focus, as we send coherent heart energy into the global field environment, let’s envision increased heart connection and acceptance of diversity among all people, tolerance of differences, and harmonious cooperation and co-creation throughout the planet.

Through these sessions, which last only 15 minutes, anyone worldwide can tune in and participate, even if you are not a ‘member.’  All you are asked to do is follow the HeartMath protocol, which includes

  1. taking attention to your heart and heart center
  2. breathe in and out of your chest as if you have a mouth in the center of your chest
  3. continue this for several minutes
  4. bring to mind someone or something that you appreciate very much
  5. imagine breathing this appreciation in and out of your heart

This is the basic instructions for the way to bring your heart and brain into coherence scientifically.  To shift the focus toward the entire earth, the focus today is on accepting diversity.  While breathing appreciation into your heart, focus on accepting the diversity on the planet and send forgiveness and compassion into our collective fields.  HeartMath, in cooperation with The Global Coherence Initiative, has shown our hearts produce over-lapping fields of energy, so when we consciously intend the focus of these energies through simple meditation, we affect the collective fields.

While breathing acceptance of diversity into your heart, on the exhale breath, radiate loving compassion to those suffering from prejudice, hatred and separation worldwide.   As per GCI’s instructions today: “Continue to send coherent heart energy into the global field environment and envision more people awakening to their heart connection with all, accepting diversity as an opportunity for harmonious cooperation and co-creation among people for the benefit of humanity.

It is asked that you sit and hold this field of intent for around 15 minutes during one of these chosen group focus times to amplify the benefits of the project.  If you have any questions, and would like to join in on future sessions, visit Global Coherence Initiative or visit the free global care rooms on their site for instructions and support. You can also go to the Global Coherence Initiative Group Care Facebook page. This last of three super full moons this summer brings with it much potent energy, which when channeled appropriately, can send healing energy throughout the earth with simple synchronized attention on the heart.  This is not just woo-woo talk folks, this is now science.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Global Coherence Initiative; HeartMath

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