NASA Utilizes Scientific Language of the Heart (video)

How Science Can Bring Peace

NASA utilizes Language of the Heart
The first human organ to develop is not the brain, it’s the heart.  From the moment the heart starts to beat, around 22 days gestation, hormones begin to be sent from the heart to the rest of the body which stimulate the formation of all the other organs of the body.  The human heart is more than just a vessel for pumping blood, it is a central hub, or axis point for the rest of the organism to be created from. The Institution of HeartMath has been studying the human heart and it’s interaction with the body and the rest of the world for over 20 years.  Now, with clients like NASA, the Mayo Clinic and others, companies are being trained to utilize the amazing and scientific ‘language of the heart’ which can create peace in the body, and even the world.

The HeartMath mission is: to facilitate a fundamental shift in health, well-being and consciousness.  They are able to achieve this through a scientifically tested and proven system of assisting individuals to find coherence in the body, which not only affects personal health, but the globe at large.  HeartMath teaches individuals to bring their heart and brain waves into what they call ‘coherence.’  The state of ‘coherence’, a state which could affectionately be called ‘the zone’ – is described by scientists as:  “a highly efficient physiological state in which the nervous system, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems are working efficiently and harmoniously.”  This state can be easily reached through a simple technique developed by HeartMath in order to assist any person in releasing stress and finding peace within.

The Technique

You many use this simple technique any time you are feeling stress or tension to immediately find harmony and peace.  In order to bring the heart and brain waves into coherence here is what you do:

Bring attention to the heart and the space surrounding the heart.  Imagine you can breathe in and out of the heart space, as if there is a mouth there – in the center of the chest.  Do this for several minutes until you feel a nice flow of breath.  Now bring something or someone to mind which you appreciate very much.  Imagine breathing this sense of appreciation in and out of the heart.  Continue this for several minutes more.  Check your stress level after doing this practice.  If it does not feel lowered, continue with the technique.  Generally it takes only a few minutes to affect change in the body and heart/brain waves.  Here is a chart HeartMath provides to exemplify the change in waves before and after coherence:

HeartMath Image


Notice the jagged lines of a frustrated mind and heart and the smoother, wavy lines of appreciation?  What is cool about this, is when you bring yourself into coherence, you affect the heart waves of those around you, because we exist in overlapping fields of energy.  If you touch someone else while in this state, their brain waves will immediately come into coherence.

HeartMath is a powerful method for not only inner peace, but it has been shown, when groups of people come into coherence together, they can affect entire populations.  Gregg Braden, world renowned computer geologist and computer designer who has become one of the foremost leaders in bridging science, ancient wisdom and the ‘real world’, is a huge proponent of HeartMath and speaks about it here:

The Institute of Heart Math has loads of research on how the simple coherence technique has changed people’s health and the world.  Dis-eases such as diabetes, hypertension, AIDS, heart disease, PTSD, cancer and many more are documented with amazing results from using the HeartMath method in clinical trials.

There is so much information available at the Institute of HeartMath on how to work with the program as well as involve your company.  Many corporations, such as NASA and other global 100 companies are now utilizing the amazing and scientific language of the heart to improve business and reduce stress in their employees.  Perhaps Gandhi knew something about heart waves when he said ‘Be the Change you Wish to See in the World’ – since bringing peace within one’s own body through practices like HeartMath really does effect the world around you.  If you want to see peace around you – bring peace inside – it is now science people!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: The Institute of HeartMath; Gregg Braden Website; ; Beyond the Barriers

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