George Zimmerman Skirts Justice With All-White Jury (Video)

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George Zimmerman skirted justice with an all-white jury of his peers which consisted of all women. The jury included one young woman, several middle-aged women and several retirees. There were no black jurors present on the panel for concluding the verdict. It is worth to note that one juror was of Hispanic descent.

Out of a final round of prospective jurors 7 blacks were present in a pool of 40 people and none were picked as a juror. Doug Keene, a jury consultant in Texas, postulated saying, “Women tend to be more reflexively opposed to the use of violence generally and also be aware that most violence is perpetrated by men, for just or unjust reason.”

George Zimmerman, 29-years-old shot and killed Trayvon Martin, 17-years-old in Sanford Florida for looking suspicious while walking in a gated community. Crime scene photos indicated a violent struggle at the location of the conflict and Zimmerman who was not initially arrested for the killing scored a break. George Zimmerman skirted Justice with an all-white jury just as he avoided getting taken into custody.

Trayvon waited three days before he was identified at the morgue and acknowledged by his parents. Now he must wait on mortality to sustain justice for his untimely demise at the hands of neighborhood watch officer George Zimmerman. Backers of liberal gun laws rallied behind Zimmerman and helped fund his defense, seeing him as a persecuted hero.

Zimmerman, 29-years-old, with intimate knowledge of police procedures and familiar to Sanford law enforcement authorities, once again out powered 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Raising over $200,000.00 for his own defense lawyers it was apparent who the ruling society backed in this case. Chalk it up to society getting an equalizer for the verdict in the OJ case. George Zimmerman skirts justice with an all-white female jury.

By Thomas Barr

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