Hypertension and Nearly Everything Healed Through EFT

Don’t you love statistics?  Quite certain they are always 100% accurate, as I know I have been included in all the studies ever done, haven’t you?  Well, with that being said – reports say over 30% of the population suffers from hypertension.  Whether or not that stat is correct, we all know someone, perhaps even the one in the mirror, who has high blood pressure.  It seems to be a common ailment, often triggered by the simple act of living in a fast-paced world.  With more and more ‘natural remedies’ available to us, it is nice to find one that is free of cost and effective, that is where EFT comes in.  Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is somewhere of a cross over between meditation, acupressure and self-hypnosis and it has been found to be a miraculous healer of many disturbances of the body, mind, emotions and nearly everything – including hypertension.

Created and made widely available by Gary Craig, Emotional Freedom Technique(also called ‘tapping’) is a sort of ’emotional acupuncture’ without the needles.  Utilizing the same energy system – the body’s meridian’s – as in acupuncture, as well as ‘tuning in’ mentally to the emotions behind any ailment, EFT has been described as “A refreshing new use of an established process, often working when nothing else will.”

Our Bodies are Electrical-Energy Systems

There is no doubt, our bodies are electrical vehicles, just notice how easy it is to create ‘static electricity’ in your hair or with your laundry.  This understanding is key to EFT.  “The EEG records the electrical activity of the brain and the EKG records the electrical activity of the heart.”  Though the medical community pays attention to these things in ’emergency’ and ‘hospital’ situations, the main focus of western medicine tends to be on the chemical nature of the body, where Chinese medicine and other eastern systems of thought, recognize the vital electrical-energy systems we are – and how important maintaining them is for health.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a system to help one regain health in the body, mind and emotions.  There is a specific protocol to follow in order to receive the benefits and it all starts with one ‘discovery statement’, which is the basis for EFT practice, and that is: “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s electrical system.”  The medical community has acknowledged that emotions can effect physical symptoms in the body by disrupting our body chemistry – this is where hypertension and other body ailments come in.

What is Hypertension?

What is hypertension anyway?  Hyper-Tension is just that, an over abundance of tension or stress in the body resulting in the need for the body to pump blood faster to the heart and brain in order to keep up with the dumping of toxic stress hormones into the bloodstream, maintaining appropriate oxygen levels so as to not pass out.  Why do we get over stressed?  Tension can be triggered from a variety of situations, the most obvious being a stressed-out emotional state – whether acknowledged or not.

The five leading causes of stress in the U.S are finances, work, family, personal health & well being and the death of a love one.  Can any of these causes NOT be associated with emotions?  Our bodies are intimately tied to our emotional states.   Many have written books on how the body ‘speaks the mind’ – or emotions.  In the case of hypertension, it is good to first come to terms with the fact that there is an underlying emotional stress contributing to the condition, then EFT can really help.

Here is the powerful introduction video to EFT by the founder, Gary Craig including testimonials from medical professionals who participate in the studies.

The EFT Process

The process is essentially tapping on certain parts of the body while telling yourself specific things, such as the choice to love and accept yourself, no matter what.  As you continue through the tapping, the wording begins to change as the symptoms change.  So you might start out with dialogue such as: “Even though I am having tension in my body, I choose to love and accept myself no matter what.”  This is repeated, for example, while tapping the top of the head, the center of the forehead, under the eyes, under the nose, under the lips, just below the collar bones, under the arms on the rib cage and on the outsides of both hands.  Then you would start again with something like: “This tension that I’m feeling no longer needs to be here.  This tension that I’m feeling no longer needs to be here because I truly love and accept myself.”  And on like this.   You can watch the free tutorial video on www.tapping.com.

It is amazing how fast symptoms will disappear and states of mind will shift with this simple, yet powerful method of inner healing.  Watch hypertension disappear and nearly everything else you can put to the EFT test – heal – without medication and expensive bills.  There is loads of on-line support including dialogue scripts helpful for any and all conditions from stress and fears to injuries and pain.  Finally, a proven method that is free to everyone which can help heal, not just the body, but the mind and emotional trauma so many of us struggle with as well.

(This information is not intended to diagnosis, cure, or treat.  Talk to your health practitioner and consult your intuition for guidance on a program that is right for you.)

Written by:  Stasia Bliss

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