Stevie Wonder and Thousands Boycott Florida – Repeal “Stand Your Ground”

2013 BET Awards - ShowStevie Wonder and many outraged citizens in the U.S. and abroad are petitioning tourists to boycott Florida.

Stevie Wonder stated he will not play in Florida again until the “stand your ground” law has been repealed, nor will he play in states where any version of this statute exists.  Wonder encouraged people to speak out and to vote for change and equality.

“The truth is that for those of you who’ve lost in the battle for justice, wherever that fits in any part of the world, we can’t bring them back,” Wonder said. “What we can do is we can let our voices be heard. And we can vote in our various countries throughout the world for change and equality for everybody. That’s what I know we can do.”

He also urged all of his fans to take part in the boycott of Florida.

Many U.S. citizens are also incensed by the Zimmerman verdict and are calling for a boycott to get the attention of legislators in Florida.  In a state where it is legal to shoot and kill because you feel threatened or someone looks suspicious, the question arises of how safe it is for a family to vacation there?

Many feel that if Trayvon Martin’s death is not enough to persuade Florida officials to change the “stand your ground” law, maybe a boycott of their tourist industry will help bring attention to this dangerous statute which grants impunity for those using deadly force under it.

The petition reads, “We’re boycotting Florida tourism until the “stand your ground” law is overturned. Your state is not a safe place to vacation if your citizens are able to kill anyone they deem suspicious.”

The petition presently has over 6,700 signatures including some outside of the US.  The goal right now is 7,500.

Petitioners left many comments.

“The idea that a human life can be taken so casually is scary, and that is what Florida represents.”

“Where else can you accost someone (ignoring police advice), kill them, and not be held accountable whatsoever. F-L-O-R-I-D-A!!”

“Cancelled vacation in Florida….you can keep your racism!”

“Injustice anywhere is STILL a threat to justice everywhere.”

The petition to boycott Florida has a large number of signatures and many more are signing.

By: Veverly Edwards

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4 Responses to "Stevie Wonder and Thousands Boycott Florida – Repeal “Stand Your Ground”"

  1. Christian G.   July 18, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Zimmerman wasn’t arrested and charged initially because he claimed self defense and the original investigator made the call not to based on the evidence at the scene. The same scenario would have played out in many states across the US. Things went screwy in the handling of the initial investigation surrounding the circumstances of the shooting. The local police severely dropped the ball on that. Just because someone claims self defense doesn’t mean the situation shouldn’t be investigated. The major problem in the Zimmerman case wasn’t the law itself but the interpretation of the law by local law enforcement and subsequent failure to follow thru with a proper investigation.

  2. Christian G.   July 18, 2013 at 10:12 am

    “In a state where it is legal to shoot and kill because you feel threatened or someone looks suspicious, the question arises of how safe it is for a family to vacation there?”

    I read statements such as the one above and I wonder how much the individual really knows and understands about the laws regarding justifiable use of force and the “stand your ground” laws in Florida and other states in the US. It’s obvious that many have never actually read the very laws and statutes they’re giving their opinion on. Educate yourself folks.

  3. ricki brown   July 17, 2013 at 8:16 am

    stand your ground was the reason that he was not arrested for forty five days. it was rendered moot when he was arrested so yes what stevie is saying is ‘dead’ on accurate.

  4. Dennis Murray   July 16, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    If Stevie Wonder and others were intelligent enough about the aspects of the trail, they would know “Stand your ground” had nothing to do with the loss of life of Travon. Its find with me if these “racists” never come to Florida.


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