Lady Gaga Beaten By Justin Bieber and Katy Perry But For How Long?

Lost out On Twitter

Lady Gaga Beaten By Justin Bieber and Katy Perry But For How Long?

Lady Gaga has been beaten this week on Twitter by both Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Justin had a lot more followers as of late, as Lady Gaga once did. She used to be the Twitter queen, but the beliebers have spoken. Katy Perry saw an opportunity and was able to reach 39.9 million followers as opposed to Gaga who has 39.3 million. Some say it isn’t a huge gap and it is mostly due to the fact that Lady Gaga has not been active on her account since February. In addition her profile picture has changed to the default setting. Most people find this fact boring and not newsworthy, others say that it might be an indication that Lady Gaga is planning something big. (In addition the default setting is an egg, which has been featured during her performances and might be suggestive of new beginnings. It might also be that these internet commenters like to read too much into things. Who knows, she might declare soon that Twitter is no longer hip, happening and Gaga worthy.)

Even though Justin Bieber reached more than 40 million followers, many say that these followers aren’t all legit. They suggest that some of those followers might never actually use their account, or that they follow less than 50 accounts, have one follower and never tweet themselves. At the other hand if his fans went through all that trouble don’t they deserve to see their hero reach his goals. It’s nothing new under the sun, every period, every tool, every “election,” has these same principals. It is more about how serious a topic we let it become. Sure Lady Gaga has been beaten on Twitter by both Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, but for how long? And more importantly what does it really matter? Do these artist see a difference in sales? Do they become more inspired? Do they really read tweets from their fans? Some do but other celebrities have even decided not to continue with this social media platform.

Jennifer Love Hewitt for example said goodbye to all her followers. She was tired of all the negativity and for her this outweighed the positivity and the connections she had made. In addition Alec Baldwin decided to leave aswell. (However this was probably largely due to his own actions, his homophobic twitter rant, and the flack he received for that.) read more here

What do you think? Do you like Twitter? What do you like most about it? Is it an easy way to connect and to stay “in the know?” Or do you despise it just like these celebrities do? Let us know in the comments. We love to hear what you think about it. Also do you think it will continue to grow? Or as suggested earlier: might Lady Gaga come up with an alternative on her own. For now, alas, Lady Gaga has been beaten by the unlikely couple of Justin Bieber and, coming out of left field, Katy Perry. But for sure this isn’t the end of the story. So the question remains: for how long?

By Georgina Pijttersen


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  1. evon   July 27, 2013 at 6:46 am

    Who has the time to read meaningless chatter on twitter. I am not impressed at all. Facebook is a far better social network. Venue

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