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Mariah Carey the Old Gray Mariah is Not What She Used to Be

The Old Gray Mariah Just Ain't What She Used to be.

Mariah Carey is in the hospital for a shoulder injury. The 43 year-old singer injured herself while working on her music video “remix” for her song #Beautiful. She was wearing extremely high heels and when she toppled over and fell, it seems that at 43, the old gray Mariah is not what she used to be.

Carey ended up going to the hospital in New York late Sunday when she apparently dislocated her shoulder after falling from those high heels during the filming of the music video.

According to [email protected], she’s doing well in the hospital and she is resting. Carey’s rep has added that the hospital doctors, “reset her shoulder” and that she’s “fine.”

The music video was being directed by her husband Nick Cannon and he’s not released any statements about the high-heeled incident.

Carey is scheduled to perform on Saturday with the New York Philharmonic on Central Park’s Great Lawn for the 2013 MLB All-Star Charity Concert. The concert proceeds are to benefit Superstorm Sandy victims.

Obviously the “resetting” was a success because Carey was Tweeting to her followers on Monday and promoting her perfume. Perhaps not so surprisingly, Carey has been very quiet about her fall.

Of course Mariah is at that age where things like a little fall could cause damage. At 43 she’s no longer a spring chicken and like the old song says, the old gray Mariah ain’t what she used to be!

According to some sources, the fall never happened. When [email protected] asked they were told that, “Mariah was shooting a video at the Chelsea hotspot yesterday but [we were] not aware of any such injury.” This came from an Avenue spokesperson where the video was being filmed.

According to [email protected], Carey’s rep Cindi Berger from PMK*BNC “leaked” the story to another “small-time” rival.

The video is based around a nightclub theme and it was apparently worked out at “the last minute.” A source close to the action said that hubby Cannon was very loving and tender to Carey and he watched over her while a doctor tended to her injury.

Reportedly, the accident was kept quiet and no ambulance was called out. A source stated that no EMT’s were dispatched to the location where the video was being shot. But apparently, Carey has a personal cadre of medical folks on scene for just such an emergency.

According to a source close to the singer, Mariah is in denial about her approaching middle age. The source said, “At a certain age when you’re over 40, any kind of injury is like saying rigor mortis has set in. Mariah wants to always be young and fabulous and fit. She doesn’t want you saying she eats Activia.”

[email protected] reports that they saw backup dancers going in and out of a “secret” exit that both Avenue and a neighbouring “hotspot” use that is located on 17th Street. The dancers were wearing street dancewear and cherry-red wedge sneakers. Mariah was wearing black sequins and feathers and black high heels.

We don’t know if the heels that Mariah Carey was wearing were the same ones that she toppled off of, but she needs to remember that at 43, the old “gray” Mariah should probably do her cavorting while wearing sneakers since her shoulders aren’t as resilient as they used to be!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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