Moon Time Embraced Means No More Symptoms

Moon Time Embraced

As a woman, often we dread ‘that time of the month’ and its accompanying symptoms both bodily and emotionally.  But let’s face it ladies, until we learn to ‘hold that blood’ and create something new for ourselves, it’s happening.  And it’s happening every 28 days or so.  So instead of resisting it, maybe it’s time to embrace our moon time and develop a new relationship with it, erasing it’s negative emotional association and possibly creating no more painful symptoms.  By doing so, as many women around the globe have, we can transform this time every month into one of power and beauty.

Symptoms and toxic overload

Cramping, bloating, headaches, mood swings, tender breasts – does this have to happen?  The answer is truthfully, no, it doesn’t.  If you are experiencing these many ‘common’ symptoms associated with the monthly menstrual cycle, the reality is – you’re out of balance.  In the most loving way, see these signals from your body as a voice telling you there is some care to be had.  Monthly blood wasn’t meant to be a tortuous event month after month, I am sure of that.  What it is meant to do is clean the body out, rid it of toxins and release emotional stress.  Every month, a woman’s body prepares to make a baby.  Let’s face it, that’s what the menstrual cycle is all about.  If it isn’t going to do that, there is all this energy available for creating – potentially something else.

We are creative beings by nature.  We can’t get around it.  How we use to use the energy endowed within us is up to each one of us. But the truth is, if we are stifling our true creative potential by engaging in thought patterns, emotions and activities which do not serve our highest purpose – we’re gonna suffer – our ‘moon time’ makes sure of that.  I feel like it was some secret code we gave ourselves in order to know if we were on track.  It seems mean, I know.  Some of us really feel like we are following our path and living our truth but still suffer from monthly cramps and bloating, why?  Only you can know for yourself, but I know for me things changed the day I decided to start listening to the pain instead of masking it.

Beings of Light

We are intelligent manifestations of light.  Science confirms this.  If you look at us, under a microscope, a really strong one…all you see is light and space.  There is no ‘matter’ to speak of, no ‘solid object’ that could be classified as you or me.  We are just vibrating molecules emitting light.  So why can these clusters of light hurt?  Well, if there is congestion in the field, blocks where the ‘light’ cannot express…it builds up.

In yoga one can learn to breathe into the places where pain is felt in order to move congestion and get the energy moving again.  This is the equivalent of bringing attention to those places in our lives we have ignored.  I used to experience body-crippling menstrual pain fully equipped with migraine headaches, sore breasts and 9 long days of heavy bleeding.  Not fun at all.  Some days, even the strongest pain medication wouldn’t touch the intensity of the cramping and I can remember many times just doubling up on the floor in a ball crying until I fell asleep from exhaustion.  It doesn’t even seem like the same person or life when I tell that story now – was that me?

Making Changes

When I chose to listen to my body, change started to occur.  The first few months, don’t get me wrong, were agonizing, as I opted not to take the pain medication any longer and instead stay vigil to what my body was trying to communicate.  Back then it seemed like all it was saying was ‘you crazy woman, where are the meds?’ but after a while I started to hear differently. I began to sense that I lacked self-love and appreciation and started giving it to myself.  When I would normally medicate and then go to work, even when I knew I needed to sleep or take a bath, I opted to instead listen to my bodily needs, even if that meant risking loss of employment.  I decided, if I was really going to get fired for being a woman who took care of herself, then I wasn’t doing the right kind of work for me.

It ended up that last statement was true.  When I started listening to my body, my life began to transform in more ways than one.  I stopped having the same job, hanging around the same people, even my inner dialog was changing.  I was starting to hear a new me and I was baffled at the ‘old’ me that I used to listen to.  As I approached my moon time with more honor, respect and gratitude, I realized all of life began to honor me in the same way.

The Red Tent

Moon time used to be a time when all the women would gather together in what was called ‘the red tent’ for support and communion.  The entire village recognized this as a time when the larger consciousness system would communicate with the village through the women and would await their return for council.   This was back in the time of the great matriarch, long before our male dominated society, but not so long as it could not be recorded and remembered.  The women, when working and living with one another, would cycle together, so the red tent would generally be full of all the women of age at once.

Younger girls, who were just starting their cycles, would be blessed with a ‘rite of passage’ ritual to honor this magical time of blood and wisdom.  This is not the case today.  Girls are made to feel ashamed by this time of the month or at the very least, just ignored and given some pads.  When moon time is embraced by all women, I believe we will have a resurgence of empowerment on this planet as has not been seen in thousands of years.  Life, energy, health and connectivity will be re-born and men and women will work together co-creatively for a better future.  But as women we must first embrace who we are and what we are capable of feeling and being.  It all starts with the moon and it all starts within.

Herbal Medicine

Besides a mental shift, there are beautiful plants and natural medicines that can support us in this process of inner embrace.  One of my favorite herbal companions is Maca root.  I have written extensively about this herb in other articles: Maca Miracle for Hormone Balance and Estrogen Balance Naturally so you can catch up there.  Another great herb in times of pain can be Kava Kava root.  This plant is used in Native Polynesia as a communal beverage in order to relax everyone and bring them into harmony with each other.   This is what it seems to do within.  Red raspberry is another great herb if you are having challenges with the menstrual cycle, as it feeds all the organs of the reproductive system and helps nourish the body deeply.  One more fabulous food to mention is raw cacao – the raw version of chocolate.  In truest form, raw cacao contains all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and elements the body is seeking, especially at this time of the month.  When we are craving chocolate – I think we are intuitively craving what raw chocolate offers, not the processed version of the same.

Though the herbs and foods are great, and can compliment any shift in realities, the most important thing to remember when embracing moon time in attempts to realize ‘no more symptoms’ – is the embrace part.  When we can truly embrace who we are, right now, as is, without any self-judgment or denial – – the magic can really start to happen.  We all have it in us to experience pain-free, symptom free menstrual cycles which empower us as women to be the most intuitive, strong, and beautiful we can be.  The time to start is now, the place to begin is within.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Maca Miracle for Hormone Balance; Wellness Mama

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