Oprah Winfrey Trolling Lindsay Lohan Waters

Does Lindsay Deserve A Fresh Start?

Oprah Winfrey Trolling Lindsay Lohan Waters

Oprah Winfrey made a statement on Friday that she will have an exclusive interview with Lindsay Lohan on her OWN network. This interview will be shot and aired in August. More surprising than this interview with the troubled celebrity is that there will also be an eight-part documentary series which will feature Lohan. This series will probably air in 2014. It is not clear yet what the series will be about. Lindsay just came out of rehab. Some people speculate that it will be about her life after rehab, and how she is going to live her life without all the drama. Most people are disappointed in Oprah for trolling in Lindsay Lohan waters.

Oprah has had several controversial interviews as of late. She recently interviewed fallen cycling star Lance Armstrong. Another remarkable interview took place when Oprah talked with the daughter of Whitney Houston. (This was for Winfrey’s OWN show: Oprah’s Next Chapter.) Some insiders say that these interviews were necessary to get higher ratings for Winfrey’s network, which performed poorly when she first launched the Network.

The interviews have indeed proven to be very successful. Lately, OWN is seeing its best ratings in its brief history on air. Even though the key demographic is apparently interested in what Oprah has to offer, not all of her supporters agree with the new direction she has taken. They don’t think Lohan is a good example, nor should she be interviewed. Others understand the ratings “game” and the need for Oprah to be on top. They also think that Winfrey will conduct the interview gracefully and will ask the tough questions.

Some commenters online say:

  • Bobby – “Plenty of people are going to deride Oprah Winfrey for trolling in Lindsay Lohan waters, but I’m sure just about every news outlet/producer, from on high (60 Minutes) to low (pick any of those syndicated Hollywood “insider” shows) would KILL to get this interview. So don’t hate Oprah. Hate her game. She’s only positioning herself to inherit Barbara Walter’s couch, tell-all throne.”
  • Lakavos – added to that: “I have seen people who make one mistake against a company policy left jobless. This young woman had privilege and opportunity and some level of talent to succeed. She had attention and favor. And she squandered it. I am sure there are addiction issues. She pissed away the many chances she had to address those problems. If this culture continues to reward the bad behavior, disregard for law and order, and all these other shenanigans, then so be it. We all like a good redemption story but this is not it. this is a money and fame grab. And Oprah Winfrey, I am disappointed. Your network has become less than hoped but much of our television landscape has been charred by reality and a scorn of ideals and principle for the dollar.”

With who do you agree? Do you agree with Bobby that it’s part of the “game” and that Oprah will probably do a great job, even though she will be trolling in Lindsay Lohan waters? Or do you agree with Lakavos that it’s a cheap trick to get lots of viewers? Does Lindsay deserve a second Third  lets-just-say; fresh start? Will you be watching?

By Georgina Pijttersen


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