‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Gets Married

rick harrison pawn stars gets married

‘Pawn Stars’ star Rick Harrison married girlfriend, DeAnna Burditt. In a strange twist of events, Harrison  trusted Austin “Chumlee” Russell with holding the rings. The couple have been engaged since February 2012, a time that thrilled Harrison who stated, “I’m the happiest guy alive. I’m living the dream.”

We’d have to agree with you, Harrison! Alongside ‘Old Man,’ ‘Chumlee,’ and son Cory, Harrison has made pawn shops become a cool, non-stop adventure of fakes, fabulous trade-in’s and big bucks. The funny and outrageous team not only score mega-bucks from selling their wares, the ‘History’ channel also pays out to the cast over $400,000 per episode.

The smitten Harrison met his wife back in 2011 at a Vinter Grill in Summerlin. When he popped the question a year later, he reassured fans the ring didn’t come from his own shop but Harrison did admit “I’m practical, so I did get it wholesale from my jeweler friends in our business.” Burditt approved and the couple married in a ceremony that was officiated by Danny Koker, who stars on ‘Counting Cars.’ Yes, he kept his bandanna on during the ceremony.

The ring was a beautiful 2 1/2 carat, cushion-cut diamond. His proud fiance showed off the ring to the public to appease rumors in early 2012 of a potential engagement. When it came to making wedding plans, the couple didn’t play coy. Both have been married twice before, making this their third marriage, as Harrison stated “the third time is the charm!”

The wedding was small in comparison to larger celebrity weddings. 100 close friends and family members gathered at the affluent Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. The wedding took place near the seaside. Harrison’s sultry bride wore a gorgeous, lacy cut-out, fitted white dress. The proud groom wore a classic tuxedo with a lily pinned to the lapel.

Koker wore a cut off ensemble, resembling a suit, the gray tie he wore complimented his otherwise rocker, biker look.  ‘Old Man’ showed up with wife in tow. He sported a pretty nifty fedora and a classic suit. Son, Cory ever the gentleman cleaned up nicely with a suit and blue tie. ‘Chumlee,’ well he didn’t lose the rings and even wore white gloves to protect them from his otherwise slippery fingers, possibly? He did stay in ‘Chumlee’ mode when he sported tennis shoes in place of dress shoes.

Burditt looks like an actress to grace a fashion magazine, but friends admit the beauty is down to earth and just right for Harrison. He said his wife had no interest in appearing on the show. When Harrison pitched the idea of an exotic honeymoon to France or Fiji, his wife declined. She urged him for a camping trip – she pretty much sounds like the perfect woman!

Harrison seems happy and ready to settle down for a long life with his new bride. The newlyweds have three children from previous marriages and wanted an intimate ceremony to celebrate their love and commitment to one another. This is definitely more exciting than hearing about the birthday gift ‘Chumlee’ provided his girlfriend; Breast implants. Yes, but for now congratulations to Rick Harrison and new wife DeAnna Burditt.

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  1. judy   July 25, 2013 at 11:37 am

    I know Danny the count did the ceremony. Is he a pastor or is this just legal in Vegas


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