Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Have Their Royal Baby

Cruz and Bardem have their own royal baby

Cruz and Bardem have their own royal baby
While the rest of the world was watching Prince William and Kate Middleton in their efforts to produce a royal baby third in line to the throne, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem were having their own royal baby delivered!

On Monday the 39 year-old gave her 6 year-old son Leonardo a baby sister! The event was confirmed by Penelope’s rep, who confirmed to Hola that , on July 22 the film star had her daughter in Madrid. The “royal” Hollywood couple’s delivery of a baby girl was somewhat eclipsed by the real royal birth taking place across the channel in England.

There are no further details about the delivery in Spain, but we do know that Penelope’s extended family live there so she would have had loads of support from her family and friends.

We also know that Penelope will be very happy that she’s had baby number two. Because she made no secret of the fact that she wanted children. Way back in April 2007, Cruz confided to the Spanish edition of Marie Claire that she would love to adopt children.

In the same year Cruz started dating her husband Javier Bardem whom she’d worked with in the Vicky Cristina Barcelona film. The couple married three years later in July 2010 at an intimate ceremony at a friends house in the Bahamas. Penelope gave birth to the new baby’s big brother Leonardo in January, 2011 at the Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

On Monday, wrote an article about Penelope’s impending delivery that said, somewhat prophetically, “Penelope really looks like she’s ready to rock and roll any second.” And that’s what happened! While we were looking towards London for news of the royal baby, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem were delivering their own royal baby in Spain!

It looks like two of the more famous babies born yesterday are of a “European flavour” wouldn’t it be serendipitous if the two royal babies grew up to date and eventually marry? Just how exciting would that be?

But don’t expect a lot of information from team Lopez and Bardem. The couple are notoriously private about sharing their non-film information. Unlike the royal family in England, they most likely won’t give too much away. Penelope didn’t even acknowledge that she was pregnant at first.

After months of media speculation that Penelope and her 44 year-old husband Javier Bardem were expecting an addition to their little nuclear family, PEOPLE confirmed that baby number two was on the way. Despite this confirmation from PEOPLE, Penelope waited until she missed Spain’s Goya Awards ceremony to actually have her rep issue a statement the not only explained her absence but announced her second pregnancy as well.

Her rep said of the latter information that the film star was, “tremendously happy and very excited.”

Since Penelope and Javier’s baby girl was born on the same day as the new prince in England, we were wondering if, by any chance, the Hollywood couple might get a commemorative coin from the royal family.

It was announced that the Royal Mint had pressed 2,013 silver pennies (2,013, get it?) to give parents of babies born on the same day as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new prince. According to an old English tradition crossing the palm of a newborn baby with silver, or the giving of a silver penny, is a good luck gesture that wishes the new infant a wealthy and healthy life.

The parents of babies who now share the same birthday as the new prince can apply to get one of the coins by visiting the Royal Mint Facebook page,

But the fact that Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem had their own royal baby on the same day, we reckon that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shouldn’t make the Hollywood couple ask for a coin. Since this baby girl could be a possible romantic interest later on in life, it might not hurt to “pave the way” a little. Joking aside, we want to be among the first who congratulate Penelope and Javier on the new addition to their family!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom