Plug Makes Your Computer Bigger


When you think of cloud drives, you think of Dropbox, Google Drive, Bitcsa, and so many more. But if you are tired of only those drives having 1GB limit which most have 5GB or more. If you want your own things and really no limitations, making your computer’s memory bigger. There is a Kickstarter campaign for you.

They call their item Plug. It’s a small device that allows you to connect your USB hard drives to an Ethernet via the small device to make it accessible via the Internet. Behind the scene, Plug is a small Linux-based machine that creates a VPN network. Then, if you want to access your files from your iPhone, Plug’s client will silently connect to the network and show you all your files. It looks a lot like Dropbox’s app, except that your files are stored at home, and you don’t pay a subscription fee. You could say that it’s pretty similar to a network-attached storage device, but with a software trick to replace your entire filesystem. This is similar to my Western Digital cloud drive. I love it, and I just may switch to this device before the 2500 limit is reached for $69 pledge level. They say it will retail for $150.

The cool thing about this is if you want more room, you just connect a USB hub, and you can connect to eight drives per Plug. It is nice when you take many pictures on vacation, and you want them on your hard drive at home because your phone is running out of space, or you just want a backup just in case your phone dies. Then Plug is what you want because you can upload those pictures and bam there at home ready for you to print.

This device does have software that you can use on your Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone, and Android. It is like any cloud drive really it’s just yours, and it is private just for you so no worries about your information getting out without your knowledge. “The security of your Plug device is our first priority. Like a private datacenter, your Plug is far more difficult to hack than your computer. Our team works continuously with security experts to make sure it remains so. Like high security servers, your Plug will be frequently updated with security patches to keep it inaccessible from invasive intentions of governments and individuals.”

To sum up

It’s cheaper: Plug is not a service. You pay once, it’s yours.
It’s larger: Plug is designed to store your entire digital life.
It’s faster: if you’re at Home, transfer speed is 60x faster.
It’s safer: you can backup all of your content, not only part of it. Privately for free. Remotely for less than $5/month.
It’s yours: it’s your own storage. Not a company’s, not a government’s.

At $69,000, the Paris-based team will certainly attract a thousand backers to reach its goal. You’ll just have to wait until December before getting your hands on the device. At the time of this article there were 57 days to go, and they have raised $247, 947. Way over their goal, I could see this making a million or more by the time it ends.

I sure want to make my files fully backed up on each of my devices and make my computer’s hard-drive space last a bit longer.


Inside Plug from Plug on Vimeo.

By: Forrest L. Rawls