Porky Pig Was Not Telling the Whole Story

pork - a better companion than breakfast meat
Porky pig was not telling the full story when he said ‘that’s all folks.’ Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals, ranking in the top four smartest animals in the world along with dolphins, chimps and elephants. They are very trainable and learn quickly – as researchers have discovered. That morning breakfast pork may be better off as your companion than the meat on your plate, as more and more people are discovering that pigs make great pets.

Many vegetarians I know will admit that bacon is still in the ‘questionable’ and ‘sometimes’ categories. “It just smells so good” they admit – who can resist? There is nothing quite like the crunchy, fatty goodness of bacon – or is there? As more and more information about factory farms is released and people are discovering the poor treatment of these brilliant creatures, the questions are starting to arise whether eating pork is such a great idea.

Pigs can be found in nearly every country in the world and are eaten by almost every culture. It is only in America that we factory-raise pigs in such unclean circumstances to ‘multiply’ the revenue on this intelligent and delicious meat. But what if you truly knew the pig you were about to eat? What if you had played video games with this brilliant creature just moments before? Studies have shown that pigs can learn to play video games better than chimpanzees and can likely keep up with you, if started on the same new game. Pigs can recognize themselves in the mirror and use mirrors to locate ‘hidden’ food beyond the reach of normal vision.

Pigs are incredibly clean animals, though we often associate them with dirt and mud, which they use to keep cool due to their lack of sweat glands. No sweat glands also means these animals don’t do much in the way of ‘detoxing.’ These animals are fast and will eat nearly anything and are thought to be more trainable than cats or even dogs. Studies show that pigs dream and experience 30 minute orgasms, Porky pig was really not telling the whole story! Pork – the pig – may be a better companion than a breakfast meat after all. Let’s take a look:

If you’re considering pork for breakfast, it may help to realize that pork meat is one of the highest carriers of parasites, often prepared with toxic chemicals and dyes in order to create that delicious bacon and sausage so enjoyed for breakfast. In some countries pigs are used as ‘toilets’, affectionately known as ‘pig toilets.’ An outhouse is set up at the edge of a pen where the pig can reach your feces through a ramp the pig’s snout fits in, which lead down into the pen. A bit unnerving for anyone to experience unaware.

Another somewhat disturbing thought from the mouth German cannibal Armin Meiwes – serving a life sentence for eating another human – says that human flesh tastes just like pork. Hmmm? Perhaps intelligence lends itself to the flavor of meat, no?

So the next time you are considering pork as your breakfast meat, perhaps consider that Porky pig wasn’t telling the whole story and pigs may make a better companion than a meal. Apparently, easier to take care of than dogs, as pigs don’t bark,  maybe there is a friend in breakfast after all?

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: New York Times ; PBS Nature; Jokeroo; The Most 10; Squidoo; Spiegel Online International

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