Puddle of Mudd Singer Wes Scantlin Arrested

wes scantlin arrested

Wes Scantlin singer from ‘Puddle of Mud’ was arrested. Again. This is a different charge from the domestic violence arrest Scatlin was charged for just in May. Reportedly per ‘TMZ’, the handcuff happy singer took a buzz saw to his neighbor’s property.

Scantlin is seemingly making 2013 his year of the big capture by the 5-0. The ‘Drain & Die’ singer has hit on rocky paths as of late. After a messy divorce, reports surfaced of him owing the IRS and state department of Tax over $60,000 in unpaid taxes. Next he was busted and charged with cocaine possession, and following that, his ex-wife Jessica Nicole Smith reported Scantlin stole her car. Right after that event, in a troubling matter in early May, he was arrested after calls reported to police the disturbed singer was forcibly grabbing and pulling his ex-wife towards a vehicle.

Now, Scantlin has been arrested ¬†again. Sources state to ‘TMZ’ the singer has been having a not so friendly neighbor dispute. In the heat of the moment, the ‘Puddle of Mud’ singer lashed out angrily and waywardly with a buzz saw on the neighbor’s property. After an immediate call to 9-1-1, the boys in blue arrived on scene and promptly arrested the 41-year-old singer for felony vandalism.

More details will be released over the next few days. If the target was the neighbor rather than property, the charges can get bumped to attempted murder. It seems the once bright stars are quickly diminishing by their own hand of destruction.

The rock group remained strong in the early 2000s winning Best Single, Modern Rock Artist, Rock Artist of the Year and Modern Rock Track of the Year all in 2002. The group seemed aimed to please the genre for years to come. The last record released was in 2010 with the popular ‘Best of Puddle of Mud’ which held a collection of some of the best songs from the group. The bandmates eventually parted ways in 2011, obviously leaving Scantlin to other illegal mischief.

Jessica Nicole Smith said “I Do” to the lyrical frontman in 2008. In the late spring of 2011, the divorce was finalized and Scantlin began a downward spiral that continues today. In June 2013 the band collaborated to headline a comeback event titled ‘Party in The Park’ in Rochester, New York. The event was canceled when Scantlin failed to arrive. Rumors then suggested he merely had ‘travel issues.’ ¬†The tickets while inexpensive to some, cost fans upwards of $5 and were non-refundable and non-replaceable.

The band gave no reason or apology and neither did Scantlin. This classless move provided an easy route for fans to dismiss the once popular rock sensation. The next show the group is to headline is the ‘Utica Music and Arts Fest’ in September of this year. It is a full two-day music extravaganza. This will be Scantlin’s make it or break it appearance for his group and his lingering fans.

Of course this can also change after today’s arrest of the ‘Blurry’ singer. Sources suggest the charges can increase depending on the damages reviewed by the investigation and the harm, if any, his neighbor was in during the buzz saw attack.

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