Randy Travis Prayers from Fans and Fellow Country Stars

Randy Travis gets prayers from fans and fellow country singers.

Randy Travis gets prayers from fans and fellow country singers.

After country music and gospel singer Randy Travis underwent further surgery for the stroke he suffered after his congestive heart failure, prayers from the 54 year-old performer have been flooding in from fans and his fellow country stars.

Travis was listed as being in critical condition on Thursday after his surgery the day before to lessen the pressure on his brain after his earlier heart surgery and his resultant stroke. According to the singer’s publicist, Kirt Webster, Travis had been improving after receiving treatment for his virally caused heat failure, when he suffered the stroke.

In a touching gesture, the recently widowed wife of the late country music legend George Jones visited Travis in the hospital on Thursday. Nancy Jones, made the visit to show her support for Travis.

Other representatives of the country music world included Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride and even the iconic Grand Ole Opry got onto their Twitter accounts to show their support and let the singer know that they cared about his welfare after his recent health problems.

Kirt Webster asked for all the friends and fans of the critically ill Travis to send their prayers to him. Scott, McBride and the Grand Ole Opry lent their Twitter voices to Kirt’s and called for prayers for the singer.

In response hundreds of friends and fans posted messages on the social networking site with #PrayforRandy in their tweets of support.

Singer/songwriter Brad Paisley sent two tweets in support of the stricken country star:

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Travis had been announced stabile after his heart surgery to improve the circulatory system of his virally damaged heart, but just hours after the medical team from the hospital made the announcement that the singer was in a stable condition, Travis suffered a stroke that required further surgery and he is now listed as being in critical condition.

The last public information made by the medical experts who were looking after Travis came on the Wednesday through a video statement where they explained what had caused the award winning singer’s heart failure. No further information, apart from minimal updates on the hospital’s website, has been relayed.

According to the doctors in the video Infections that are viral or bacterial can affect the body in different areas and then spread to the heart because of the bodies weakened immune system. As a result, the infection spreads or the cells that are fighting the viral or bacterial attack get into the the heart and cause it to become inflamed.

Apparently as a result of Travis’ upper respiratory infection, he developed the heart failure as his immune system weakened. Doctors have not given any indication as to what type of stroke that the singer had after his heart operation. The most common type of stroke is caused by clotting although blood vessels becoming damaged, leaking or bursting, can also cause a stroke.

Heart problems can lead to a stroke and can cause other complications.

The most common type of stroke is caused by a blood clot that travels to the brain. The other kind happens when a blood vessel in the head bursts or leaks. Stroke patients whose stroke was brought on by a clot can be administered a drug that will breakup and dissolve the clot if the patient is treated quickly.

While Randy Travis’ friends, family and fans wait to see how he will recover from his latest health problem, his fans and his fellow country artists continue to send the singer their prayers. You can join them and us by going onto Twitter and adding the #PrayforRandy to your tweet.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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  1. Randy- you have SOOOOOOOO many fans up here in Canada who are prayin’ and pullin’ for ya. You are young – you are loved and you will pull through as you have made so many of us pull through tough timess too. God speed.

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