Robert Pattinson Hangs out with Sia Furler Again!

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There has been much speculation on the rumors between ‘Twilight’ heartthrob Robert Pattinson, 27 and Australian indie rock singer, Sia, 38. The pair have been spotted yet again at another outing- that makes two out of three days. Rumors are flying, inquiring to the budding relationship of the two, seemingly opposite individuals.

A source who was at the restaurant where Sia and Pattinson were spotted with friends shares, “Nothing about Rob and Sia came across as romantic.” Twi-hards can release that pent-up breath for now. The new found friends hit the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert together just a few nights ago and yesterday the buds grabbed drinks at the Soho House in L.A.

When news broke out that Pattinson was leaving the Jay-Z concert with Sia, the paparazzi were in full attendance. Both singer and actor dropped their heads, placing a level of aversion between them and flashing cameras. Sia wore a black garb that revealed she had no bra on and Pattinson was comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. While both stars furiously hid their faces, that didn’t stop them from hanging out yet again!

Pattinson has been a busy boy this year! After he famously split from former co-star and girlfriend Kristen Stewart, the glittery actor has been linked to Katy Perry, Polly Stenham and now Sia Furler. Now, the next catty question from ‘Team Rob’ fans are “who is Sia Furler?”

‘Sing365’ states Sia (pronounced See-ah) was actually a big hit, she scored Top 10 for her song ‘Taken for Granted.’  She also starred on the Jo Whiley Radio 1 show. She has a voice that is quite beautiful, honestly. She was moving along the success train well, when she basically derailed.

The interviewer describes Sia as a bawdy, yet refreshingly honest woman, that has a sense of dry humor. Fans who have followed the singer around, miss her soulful voice, especially after her reported retirement in 2010. Previous to her outings with Pattinson, Sia was dating girlfriend J.D. Sampson, who is part of a feminist electro-punk band Le Tigre. The two had confessed their love for one another, but it didn’t work out. The couple were together for three years and split officially in 2011.

Sia has never made any apologies for loving men and women equally, and that just seems to add to her appeal. She now is obviously engaging Pattinson is a friendship, which could help him overcome his history with Stewart, who reportedly remains heartbroken. Sia has in her own way, Stewart like outlooks that may connect with Pattinson on a deeper level. The singer has been quoted on a few remembrances:

  • People aren’t honest about the horrors of fame. The downsides are so overwhelming that, for me, there is no payoff”
  • “I hope I am a psychotherapist’s dream. I’ve spent enough hours in therapy”
  • “I love watching reality TV, but being part of making it was just demoralizing”

The singer’s cryptic stance on fame may ring something familiar within Pattinson who previously had shared his distaste for being in the spotlight. The star has lived normally, even after cashing in some mega-millions from the Twilight series. He shared in 2012 with George Stroumboulopoulos about the path of acting, “You’re completely disconnected from your doppelgänger,” he explained. “I just don’t think I’m confident enough to really claim… if you really claim it, you can have obscene power over people.”

Of course, Pattinson has also claimed about $60 million dollars in his net worth. Keeping grounded is admirable and maybe that is something the star is seeking in friends like Sia Furler. Only time and appearances will determine if a romance will blossom between the indie singer, Sia and highly sought Pattinson.

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