Saggy Pants Ban Proposed [Poll]

Should saggy pants be illegal? One Alderman thinks so.
Should saggy pants be illegal? One Alderman thinks so.

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground. That sentiment may be the belief of one American Idol contestant, however an Alderman has taken the belief to a new level by proposing a ban on saggy pants in  his city.

Green Bay Alderman Dave Boyce has proposed a ban on wearing baggy pants throughout the downtown area of the city. He believes that banning the low sagging pants from being worn would make the city, especially the revitalized downtown region, more attractive to visitors.

“It’s just demeaning to see people walking around like that. It’s offensive. It’s totally offensive,” Ald. Dave Boyce said about saggy pants.

Local law enforcement has informed him that banning saggy pants would be hard to enforce, but Boyce feels there is a way around that difficulty.

“What I see as an outcome of this is individual businesses will not allow people on their premises or do business if their pants are hanging on the ground. As for the law enforcement, when you do things that are anti-social, you perk them up. They become more alert, they watch you more closely,” Boyce said describing his view for the saggy pants ban.

Alderman Boyce’s proposed saggy pants ban has drawn a great deal of opposition, however he says that he welcomes a healthy debate on the issue.

The most common argument against banning saggy pants is that it infringes on the personal freedom of citizens.

“If you ban one thing, you might as well ban everything. Halter tops, why not ban that?” asked Ian Henderson, after stopping his bike ride to answer questions from WLUK-11.

Other critics such as Green Bay resident Isaiah Hermans believs that “people should be able to wear their clothes however they want to.”

Tommy Jenkins doesn’t think people should have to purchase a new wardrobe because an official does not like their style. “The alderman should bring shorts and pants out here that fit us to wear, and then we will wear them. But until he gives us wardrobes to wear, we gotta wear what we have.”

Many have also accused Alderman Boyce of being racially motivated in proposing a ban on saggy pants. Boyce refutes such a claim by saying “When you go on Google, and you see pictures of Justin Bieber, everybody likes to sport these things with their belt below their groin.”

WIXX, a radio station in Green Bay, even went as far as to say that style of Alderman Boyce was at least as offensive as the saggy pants he is seeking to ban.

Green Bay would not be the first town to ban wearing saggy pants, New Jersey and Louisiana also have cities that have banned donning the attire.

What do you think? Is a ban on saggy pants a good idea? Vote in the poll below and leave your opinion in the comments.

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  1. Gregg Hughes   July 16, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    This is a shame that it has to come to this, a poll on baggy pants. This is what we as independents, libertarians, and some of the freedom movement of the republican party are fighting against, government regulation of our lives. Stay out of our lives!

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