San Francisco Plane Crash Claims the Life of Third Victim

Third victim

In a continued review of the after effects from the devastating SF plane crash, a third victim has died.  Reportedly, the victim was a girl and the hospital reports she had been in intensive care since her arrival to the hospital, immediately following the crash. Her age has yet to be disclosed to the public.

The hospital expressed their own grief, admitting they did “everything we could to take care of this young lady.”

This comes on the recent reveal of the second victim, who had been struck by a fire truck preceding the crash. 16 year old Ye Meng Yaun was on the ground, and unknown to fire crews, her prone form was hit by one of the trucks.

The first victim, Wang Ling-Jia, passed upon impact. Her parents are wanting to just see their daughter’ body. Since making the trek from China, the grieving parents have yet been able to identify their daughter’s. Wang’s father expressed his grief and frustration at the delay,

“How can i stand to let her lie in the medical examiner’s freezer all by her lonesome?”  The wait continues to become a paralyzing time in the area for those awaiting reports on loved ones.

The devastating crash has now claimed its third victim, as the hospital continues to treat critical injuries. Some injuries are as severe as spinal cord injuries and internal bleeding. The scene is still under investigation by officials, as news continues to be released from the crash site.

Officials are gathering ever piece of the shattered wreckage to determine any parts of interest, as other parts are being shipped to federal headquarters in Washington D.C. Asiana Flight 214 crashed into a seawall when approaching runway 28L. The tail was severed and in its path, tragedy was left.

Thursday Night, West Valley Christian School in Los Angeles held a vigil in honor of the victims and their families. Meng Yuan and Wang Linja were to participate in a three week long summer camp. The camp was to be held at the West Hills school. In light and respect of the crash, the camp was canceled.

During the vigil, Reverend Glenn Kirby shared prayer and hope for the victims and their families, gathering the group to share in speeches, songs and laying out wreaths. Banners were hung as many visitors and friends gathered to bestow their condolences to all those affected.

The Federal Aviation Administration has to certify the clear for flights to resume on the runway. San Francisco International Airport’s spokesman Doug Yakel is positive, officials will shortly provide the green lights for flights to resume.  Patience is urged to passengers from the airport, as cancellations, reschedules and bumps are handled.

For many, the crux and issues of delayed flight is not a consideration as they prepare to bury their loved ones. During the next few weeks, information will start being release, as an on needed base, officials advised. A thorough investigation will determine what happened to the course of the Asian Flight 214.

For now, grief and healing are in the mind of many as the third victim has died. Current news outlets are unable to confirm the age, until released by the family, states hospital officials.




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