Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Only Has a Big Ego

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber has big ego.

Selena Gomez spoke to Ryan Seacrest on Monday about turning 21; her new career focus; moving out of the house and Justin Biebers big…ego! That’s right, she let the world know that her reason for leaving the Bieb’s was because he only has a big ego and she’d had enough!

While she was talking to Seacrest, she talked about her new tour which she said would be, “stripped down.” She also revealed that now she is 21, she actually get excited when someone “cards” her.

But about her upcoming tour? She said, “What’s going to be cool about the tour is we are going to strip it down … make it a little bit more moody … The best part is no one knows what’s going to happen during my show and I’m doing fun covers people won’t expect.”

The new 21 year-old singer also told Ryan that she’ll soon be moving out of her family home. Although when asked if she’d found a place yet, she said, “I haven’t. But I’m looking still. It’s time, I guess. But I’m about to leave for tour, so once I get back I’ll get into it and do it from tour, as well.”

It may take her some time to find the right place as it sounds like she wants “a house of many colours.” Or at least one that she can redecorate at the drop of a hat. She said, “I feel like I need to find a house that I can change all the time because that’s how I constantly am right now,” she laughs. “One day it’ll be like gypsy theme and have really pretty lights and stuff and then the next day I’ll want to be a Kennedy and be proper, so it’s going to range.”

But one thing that the second sexiest woman in the world isn’t looking for is any further romance with Mr. Justin Bieber.

Selena confirmed to Ryan that she was very single and very her “on-again/off-again” boyfriend of two years. She also said that the last time she dumped the 19 year-old pop star, it was because his huge ego.

The former Disney princess reaffirmed that her relationship with Justin Bieber was finished and that she is very happy being single. Although she was photographed with Bieber on July 4 at a party. She told Seacrest on that, “No, I’m not (dating Justin any more). Yes, I am [single].”

She did tell Seacrest that she had picked up one valuable thing from dating Justin. She said, “I learned a lot. I learned that I should definitely keep it way more private next time.”

She also said what she would be looking for in any new romance. She said, “Honesty. Egos turn me off, big time. … You are who you surround yourself with. I know that’s such a cliché quote, but it’s true. I’ve just witnessed it too much. … I learned that I should definitely keep it way more private next time.”

It looks as though turning 21 has made the Come and Get It singer realise that she wasn’t prepared to be associated with her old boyfriend and his “entourage.” Perhaps learning that Justin had planned on dating Gomez from when he was 15 years-old, didn’t help either. Although he didn’t quite put it that…delicately.

She reportedly told journalists from Good Day Philadelphia that their questions about her and Bieber were “very unnecessary to focus on.” She added that in the case of Justin Beiber, “I distance myself as much as I can.”

We don’t blame her, with Selena Gomez hinting that the only big thing about Justin Bieber is his ego and her self professed distaste of huge egos, we’re surprised that they lasted two years! Good luck on your tour Selena and we hope that you find both a house and the boyfriend that you deserve!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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