Selig Not Sharing Biogenesis Suspension Plan [Video]

Bud Selig revealed he has a plan for Biogenesis, he just won't reveal it to us yet.
Bud Selig revealed he has a plan for Biogenesis, he just won’t reveal it to us yet.

A recent appearance on David Letterman by Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig suggests that he has a plan for of action for how to handle the player’s named in the Biogenesis investigation, however he would not share the details with the famous talk show host.

David Letterman asked Selig about what the future would hold for stars such as Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, and the commissioner replied that “Only time will tell. We’re in the midst of a very thorough and tough investigation on all of this, because I really believe it’s not only the right thing to do, but we’re going to do it and that’s all I can tell you.”

He also added that he would “rather not say” if he would suspend Alex Rodriguez, but that he did know his plan of action.

The investigation has been ongoing for awhile now, and suspensions have been looming over the players involved for some time. Rumored to be taking place after today’s All-Star Game, the suspensions for Braun and A-Rod are rumored to be all but assuredly occurring. The reports surfacing also suggest that the bans for the two All-Stars will be 100 games, counting prior allegations against them as a first violation of the policy despite their never actually being suspended before.

Bud Selig has taken criticism of late for the on-going problem his league has with performance enhancing drugs, yet he told David Letterman that he is proud of the progress that has been made in counteracting the problem.

Critics have even pointed out that despite Selig’s ability to speak openly about his war on steroids, he has refrained from doing so during the MLB’s biggest games. The NY Daily News has even suggested that he is skirting doing so on large stages such as the All-Star Game which takes place tonight.

Fox and the MLB have no plans to dedicate time for Selig to talk about the steroid problem during tonight’s meeting of the All-Stars, and thus Selig will not leak his Biogenesis suspension plan to us tonight.

According to Fox Sports VP of Communications Dan Bell, “We’re not taking this event and going on a soapbox. To talk about what’s already been written, or broadcast, and add more speculation to it, is not appropriate. The All-Star Game is not the proper venue for that discussion. But just as important is the pacing of this game. All the lineup changes and commercial elements does not allow sufficient time for an in-depth discussion.”

If Bud Selig and Major League Baseball want to win the war on steroids they have been fighting for as long as many young baseball fans can remember, he should seize the opportunity that biggest games in his sport provide. Through taking time to talk during these games, more fans and players would be made aware of the league’s goals and plans for steroid prevention.

Although the issue is already in the forefront of baseball discussions these days, more and more players continually fail drug tests and face suspensions as a result. This takes away from the enjoyment of the game regardless of your stance on the subject. Openly discussing the league’s plans will open the door for more ideas to find their way to Selig’s desk and potentially help to prevent another Biogensis from occurring.

Too many of baseball’s stars have missed time as a result of steroid or other performance enhancing drug use, and Selig needs to use any means possible to him to prevent another Biogenesis scandal from happening.Ending the war on steroids will make baseball more enjoyable to all, and sustain America’s love with baseball.

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