“Statue of Liberty Reopens The Mystery Behind The Lady”

Just in time for Independence Day July 4th Celebrations 2013
the Statue of Liberty reopens the mystery behind the lady.

The Statue of Liberty Reopens The Mystery Behind The Lady
The Statue of Liberty Reopens The Mystery Behind The Lady

Many Americans and people around the world, see the statue as a symbol of freedom, they are joyful that she is reopened to visit; perched there on her island viewing the Big Apple, from the New York Harbour, the entry port for millions of immigrants, tourists and travellers from around the world. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy destroyed the docks and boardwalks around her, forcing the site to close only a day after her 126th Birthday celebration. The statue itself was not damaged or scathed, a tribute to her remarkable masonry.

Who is this deity of independence with a torch in her hand, and crown upon her head?

What do we think we know about her? 

Well, lets us start with some commonly known facts:  she was designed by a French sculptor by the name of Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, and given as a symbol of liberty from France to America in October of 1886. She sits in the middle of New York Habor and her name is Liberty Enlightening the World. Debate has long existed as to the identity of the woman Bartholdi had used as influence and symbolism for the statute. Wikipedia credits the Roman goddess Libertas.

Herstory is an ancient one, with links going back to Egypt, also known as Kemet. Her face was remodeled and changes to her pose were made, by request of the American council of the Statute of Liberty for political reasons. The council had agreed to purchase and build her pedestal in the harbour, which at the time cost just over $300,000 USD.

It is known that Frederic Aguste Bartholdi was a freemason who did visit Egypt and was inspired to produce a statue of Isis during his visit. The statute was intended to overlook the new Suez canal, but did not materialize.

“Bartholdi completed the statue depicting a Black woman with a broken chain of slavery in her left hand and at her feet in 1870… The original concept was not acceptable, even as a gift from France, and the idea was finally modified into a properly Caucasian personification of “Liberty” before the U.S. would accept delivery.”

Given the tools in the goddesses hand, her pose, and her dress, the visual evidence is strongly in favour that the goddess is in fact  ISIS.  and credits sculptor as being a member of the Masonic Lodge, which if correct would support the theory of the goddess ISIS the triple goddess. ISIS is the original goddess from Egypt upon which many other goddess derived their name and power, rulership over their nations. The goddess ISIS can and does materialize in many forms, and can be connected to Hecate, Queen of the Witches, and would certainly be a positive power to have protecting a country, protecting the crossroads that lay within the New York city harbour, where people come and go, and transactions of all type commerce.

“Isis was considered “more powerful than a thousand soldiers” and “the clever-tongued one whose speech never fails.”

The truth is, the Statue of Liberty was presented in 1884 as a gift from the French Grand Orient Temple Masons to the Masons of America in celebration of the centenary of the first Masonic Republic.

She is holding the Masonic Torch of Enlightenment”, which is also referred to back in the 1700’s… as
Flaming Torch of Reason”.

What is the torch of enlightenment? Well lets look at what enlightenment means from the tale of the stone mason. The stone mason spent all day working in the quarry, and one day truly wished for a better life. His wish was granted, and the power and prestige he desired was bestowed upon him. The story takes us through his graduations, his physical transformations, shedding the old appearances in a quest to find that the ordinary mind, is the mind of a buddha.

“The real ordinary mind is one that’s peaceful and calm, that takes everything as it comes and reacts to everything as needed. There’s no desire, no wanting, no rejecting and no agitation of any kind. That’s the ordinary mind.”

The other clue as to the identity behind the Statue of Liberty is the nimbus of 7 points around her head. Barry Moreno, author of The Statue of Liberty Encyclopedia and the park’s official librarian said

“the spikes are sun rays, he says, and the circle is “simply a halo or what in art is called a nimbus, showing she is divine”

In other words, the points around her head indicate she is a goddess and not simply a mortal.  Which for patriarchal religious zealots in America is difficult to swallow, that the symbol of freedom for many Americans and people around the world, is a female deity. To many they see this as a threat, because it is their Jesus that is regarded as the one true liberator, and not the mother.

There is a reason why the goddess statue is still regarded with so much adoration and appreciation to millions around the world. The mother culture is part of our story collectively, regardless of race, and through war and conquest, patriarchal religions imposed strict laws, and systems of privilege and hierarchy. All of the Patriarchal religions promoted slavery, the goddess faiths did not. So today we honour her memory as the Statue of Liberty reopens, and we reflect on the mystery behind the lady.



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