TEA Party Spells Doom for Republicans, says GOP Senator Bob Bennett

Bob Bennett

Speaking at the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists on Friday in Salt Lake City, former Republican Senator from Utah, Bob Bennett claimed that the TEA Party spells doom for Republicans in future elections.

Weeks ago former Senator, and presidential candidate, Bob Dole spoke in similar fashion. He went so far as to say that the present GOP should lock the doors, and hang out a sign saying “under reconstruction.”

The leadership of the Republican Party is not leading, it is dividing. Speaker John Boehner, and Republican minority leader, Mitch McConnell, have failed their party, and the American people.

There are very few Republicans who adhere to the age-old principals of the GOP. There was a time when they were not the ‘party of no;’ when they had ideas, and were tough, but fair, negotiators. Backed by billionaires, the TEA Party’s arrogance and their lack of skills to deliberate fairly and openly, have taken the party so far to the right, Rush Limbaugh could be their ‘golden calf.’

“We’re a center-right nation. The further politicians move away from the center, the more alienating their party becomes,” Bennett said.
Three years ago, Bennett lost to a TEA Party person. He was asked if he would have changed his position on issues if it would have won him the election.

“Would I have voted on TARP [Troubled Asset Relief Program] or immigration differently had I known that would cost me my Senate seat? No,” he said, according to the Tribune.

“Because there are things far more important than being a senator. And one is to be true to your own conscience.”
For those bought and paid for members in Congress, the word he is referring to is ‘integrity.’ They may not be able to spell or understand it, and we know they don’t have it.

I miss having a true two party system. I used to complain about it, claiming that we needed a viable third party, and I may have been right. But I would gladly accept the ways of the past, and discard the ways of failure.

Barry Goldwater is turning over in his grave. In his time, many thought he was extreme. He’d be called a ‘moderate’ by today’s standards.
I wonder how many more former Republicans will have the courage, as did Bob Bennett, to say honestly that the TEA Party means that the GOP is doomed?

Alfred James reporting


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