The Lone Ranger Not For Small Children, Not As Bad As Critics Say

Small Bladder and whitewashing

The Lone Ranger Not For Small Children But Not As Bad As The Critics Say

The Lone Ranger has received a lot of flack these past weeks. Most people are upset about the whitewashing of the movie. Why is there no Native American in the role of Tonto? And if Johnny Depp can play Native American, then a Native American should play a [insert any race here – I’m going with blond Brit]. In addition most people feel like The Lone Ranger is not for small children because of it’s content and running time. Others, however, don’t understand all the fuss and say it’s not as bad as the critics say. We do have to address the whitewashing in a bit more detail though. No longer are we attached to nationalities, race or skin color in film, or so it seems. But that’s only when it suits A list celebrities. The other way around is not going to happen. Sad! As mentioned before; when do we see a Mexican Mary Poppins? Or Asian Bridget Jones? In the end, we haven’t really moved on from the white actor smearing his face with black paint, or in Shakespearean times when men dressed up to play a woman’s part. Well, let’s not get into that right now.

Another bladder pressing matter for most parents is that the block busters for the whole family are getting longer and longer. Most children can’t sit through the whole movie without needing the toilet or getting tired. A young mother wanted to add this: “As the mother of a small boy with a small bladder (and attention span), I have to say that the ridiculously expanded running time of most blockbusters definitely keeps me out of the theaters. I was planning to see Avengers on the big screen, but once I heard that it was 2+ hours, I knew that wouldn’t be fun for anyone…” Do you agree with her? Even if you don’t have children, do you think it’s going on for too long?

Apart from The Lone Ranger not really being suitable for small children because of it’s running time – and distorted world view, as we mentioned before – some people do actually like the movie and say that its not as bad as the critics say. Of course they had expected more for their money (and Disney most certainly didn’t pay for a B-movie with all the millions they pumped into the project). But to call the movie a complete disaster would not be true, either. According to this reviewer: “The Lone Ranger. It’s not that bad. It’s fine. Why the hysteria over it? No-one’s forcing anybody to go or not go. I’m sick of the critics. I don’t find their opinions relevant at all. I prefer to gain a consensus pro or con from readers’ opinions.

I’m not a big fan of Johnny Depp. Never have been. Casting him as Tonto was brilliant and he does a fine job of it. Armie Hammer is physically gifted but oddly non charismatic. His acting is adequate but not dynamic enough. At the end of the day, special effects – though a credible art form in themselves – cannot carry a film without charismatic actors. “

Do you agree with this last point? That Johnny Depp was charismatic, but Armie Hammer oddly wasn’t? Therefore for this moment we have to conclude that The Lone Ranger is not really for small children but that the movie is not half as bad as the critics say.

By Georgina Pijttersen

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