The Walking Dead Telltale Games Reveal that Clementine in Season Two at Comic Con

Telltale games talk of Clementine returning

AMC and The Walking Dead provided a lot of zombies at Comic Con this year, including a great zombie Walking Dead party, but Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors wasn’t going to let AMC steal all the Walking Dead thunder, he made sure that fans of the game would know that Clementine “will definitely be a part of” season two of the game. THE CEO also revealed that the character of Kenny, “will be explored.”

Although there wasn’t any further information released about the second season of The Walking Dead game, fans can be happy that The Walking Dead: 400 Days put out this month and it will tide fans over until season two is released.

But Telltale games didn’t want just the CEO to talk about Clementine. The game’s developer held their own panel at Comic Con. Robert Kirkman the comic’s creator and main mover in the television series and the game’s developers sat in on the panel.

The panel talked about the future of The Walking Dead video games.

When asked why Kirkman chose Telltale games to bring his walking dead to the video games world, Kirkman said, that he was a longtime fan of the company and that the likes their “Homestar Runner” game series. He also revealed that he loved what Telltale games wanted to do with the story.

Telltale’s Kevin Day said that they worked hard to convince Kirkman just what they meant to do with the game. He said that a key moment was when they showed the comic’s creator that in the game, you had to kill your zombified brother to get a key in the drugstore in the first chapter of the series.

They played the introductory scene from the first game, where Lee first meets Clementine, the young girl who’s been left on her own. While Lee is looking for things in the house, voicemails are playing in the background relaying messages that Clementine’s parents have left for her. As the scene progresses the messages become more emotional.

When the scene had finished, Day then talk about how the games emotional levels continue to rise to throughout the game, and how much Kirkman was satisfied with it. But it wasn’t all about the The Walking Dead welcoming back Clementine in season two of the Telltale game, it was about some new changes as well at the Comic Con event.

One of the more exciting reveals was the team’s announcement that the PS Vita edition of the game will be released this fall. Day explained that it would be a much deeper gaming experience because of the games touch screen interaction. They also announced that on August 30, a special PS Vita system bundle will be available with the 400 Days DLC already on the system.

Existing Vita owners can buy the DLC separately.

Another feature of the panel was video footage of player’s reactions at certain points in the gameplay.

The panel then spoke of the emotional stakes when playing the game and Kirkman spoke of his attachment to the game character and how he got upset when he lost any of them. Afterward, the first game’s conclusion was shown, with the reactions from players on the fates of Lee and Clementine. Reactions from one player, Mortar, showed the player struggling to hold back tears and crying out, “Telltale Games, what the f***?!”.

After assuring the crowd that Telltale games is working hard on season two of the game, the panel then started the question and answer portion of the presentation.

The first question from the floor had to do with the much loved character of Kenny in the first game. Day admitted that he wouldn’t mind seeing Kenny again and he hinted that Kenny’s situation might be addressed in season two.

The remaining questions dealt with possible character crossovers, the episodic form that the game took and a lot of questions about season two.

After a fan “dig” at game developers Capcom, Day spoke of working closely with comic creator Kirkman before hinting that Clementine would return for season two of The Walking Dead game. Although the CEO made it sound like more of a certainty. Day also told the Comic Con crowd that the next game will be a multiple platform game available on not only PS3 and Vita, but also on Steam/PC and Xbox. It looks like there are a lot of reasons for fan’s of the game to be excited.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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