Tim Hudson Breaks Ankle in Gruesome Fashion [Video]

Tim Hudson reacts to his ankle being broken against the New York Mets Wednesday night.
Tim Hudson reacts to his ankle being broken against the New York Mets Wednesday night.

How quick your fortunes can turn in the world of sports. In the midst of one of his strongest starts of the year, Tim Hudson’s season came to a screeching end after suffering a gruesome ankle break in the eighth inning of Wednesday night’s game against the New York Mets.

The 38 year old pitcher is one of the game’s most respected competitors, and will be a loss the team surely can not replace. Scheduled to become a free agent after the World Series this year, Hudson and his fans have to hope that only his season came to an end. We very well could have seen the last of the highly respected starter.

In the eighth inning of Wednesday night’s game, New York Mets Left Fielder Eric Young Jr. attempted to beat out an infield single only to find himself in a bang bang play with Hudson covering first base. When Young Jr. stepped onto first base, he accidentally stepped on Hudson’s ankle in the process, causing the gruesome break.

His stellar effort on the night did earn him win number 205 of his career. He was just five outs from complete game number 27 when he was injured on the 107th pitch of the game.

Atlanta Braves players and fans have to wonder how the team will replace him moving forward this season. “He’s huge, he’s the veteran presence around here that people go to — it’s Tim Hudson,” Braves catcher Brian McCann. said defeating the Mets Wednesday night. “The guy’s got [205] wins. Best teammate you’re ever going to have. And everybody in here feels bad for him.”

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez believes the team will be able to overcome Tim Hudson’s broken ankle by rallying around their fallen teammate. “You think about him and the competitor that he is, and what he brings to our club. But I think you’ve got to rally behind this. As a team and as a pitching staff, this is a good rallying point.”

After the play was over, Eric Young Jr. ran back to Tim Hudson to apologize and console his opponent. “As I came down I knew I didn’t get any of the base I got all of his foot. I pretty much knew it was broke right when I did it. That’s why I ran back to him and tried to console him as much as I could and to apologize,” he said.

Happening on a freak play, the family harbors no ill will against the man who caused Tim Hudson’s gruesome ankle break to occur. Late Thursday morning, Tim Hudson’s wife Kim tweeted@EYJr Thank you for playing the game the right way. You’re obviously one of the good guys. We appreciate you.”

A gruesome broken ankle may have ended Tim Hudson’s season, but it potentially could be the rallying point that pushes the Braves over the top. Kim Hudson and Eric Young Jr. proved that sportsmanship and camaraderie are still present in the world of sports, a definite positive of such a terrible injury.

If you want, you can watch Tim Hudson break his ankle below, but be warned it is quite gruesome.

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