Vampire Diaries Star Paul Wesley Divorcing Wife Torrey DeVitto

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It is the common tale in Hollywood, a darling married couple of two years are getting a divorce. The announcement came from ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Paul Wesley’s rep advising the couple “have decided to amicably split. They will continue to remain good friends.” In 2007 Torrey DeVitto and Wesley met while filming ‘Killer Movie.’ In 2011 they married in a private ceremony in New York City.

Just a couple of months ago, star beauty of ‘Dairies’ Nina Dobrev split with on-screen and off-screen love Ian Somerhalder. The fans of the hit CW show were saddened. We have a general idea the same female audience who adore Paul Wesley’s character, ‘Stefan Salvatore’ won’t be as dismayed.

Maybe there is something in the water on set of the ‘Vampire Diaries.’ Shortly, after Wesley and DeVitto wed, the ‘Army Wives’ actress joined her husband’s popular show as character ‘Dr. Meredith Fell.’ With the double break-up on the set, it should create interesting connections during acting. Of course both had stated they plan on remaining good friends.

This of course brings to mind additional celebrity couples that have promised to remain friends. While many may scoff at such a concept even existing, it does in Hollywood! May the mini-parade commence:

  • Famously known for a no drama divorce is Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. The couple maintained a strong friendship, even after their break-up. They attended red-carpet events in support of one another and reportedly it was Bruce Willis who gave Demi a shoulder to cry on after Ashton Kutcher was caught cheating on his wife-on the day of their anniversary¬†
  • Denise Richards is the good one Charlie Sheen should have fought to keep! The amazing actress stepped in to care for Sheen’s twin boys while her ex-husband was trying to recover from substance abuse
  • Long time couple, Courteney Cox and David Arquette have still remained friends post-divorce. They remain in touch to care for their sweet daughter Coco and although they couldn’t live together, they still can make one another laugh

So, basically it is very possible for the young Wesley and DeVitto to make a friendship work, since being married was something that did not work for them. Celebrities contribute to the high divorce rate in this country. A study completed by the Marriage Foundation was reviewed by ‘The Telegraph’ which discovered celebrities have twice the average of divorces as individuals not in the public eye.

The next question may be why? Well, just like many people watching the television, stars can develop crushes on one another and have a greater chance of bumping into said celebrity, than any one of us do. That’s when the concept of “things got real” steps in. Recognizing ¬†the novelty of the character compared to what they know is pretty important. Remember, it was Katie Holmes that stated she had a picture of Tom Cruise on her wall. The marriage didn’t last very long and the fairy-tale bubble burst.

Connectivity in Hollywood can became a game of finding the real person beneath the haystack of characters they play. Wesley and DeVitto show a genuine appreciation of one another – they’re not angry at one another. They have simply realized the initial phase of “wow” settled into a real and everyday concept. It didn’t meld, the chemistry faded, or whatever spin may be necessary. While the couple has decided to divorce, the concept of “amicable” and “friendship” is certainly foreseeable for this young and hard-working couple. Much luck to them both!

Angelina Bouc

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