Xbox Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft Was He Fired After Xbox One Fiasco?

Dan Mattrick, was he fired?
Xbox head Don Mattrick leaves microsoft to head up the social gaming company Zynga replacing the current Zynga head Mark Pincus, but did Mattrick leave voluntarily or was he fired? After the Xbox One reveal where Mattrick got downright rude to the consoles fans, if he wasn’t fired, Microsoft might have suggested that he take his snotty attitude elsewhere.

A statement was released on Monday saying that Mattrick was leaving Microsoft just after the stock market closed on the same day, he will start his new position July 8.

The new Zynga head CEO posted on the company blog that he was, “excited to be here”, and that, “I joined Zynga because I believe that Mark’s pioneering vision and mission to connect the world through games is just getting started.”

Mattrick’s new job has certainly improved his overall outlook and changed his personality from the Xbox One head who told Microsoft fans that if they didn’t like the new console they could always play on the eight year old model instead.

He also said in the Zynga blog post, “As Mark was recruiting me to come here, I was impressed by his creativity, drive and the clarity in which he sees the future of games and entertainment as a core consumer experience.”

It appears that Zynga’s founder and “ex-CEO” didn’t see Mattricks apparent nasty side during the Xbox One fiasco (one that ended with Microsoft backing off on their very unpopular always on line and no second hand games issues) because according to Pincus he’s just as excited about Mattricks “defection” to head up his company as Mattrick is to be there.

In a statement the chairman and chief product officer Pincus said, “Don is unique in the game business. He can execute in multiple domains — hardware, software and network, and he’s been the person responsible for game franchises like Need for Speed, FIFA and The Sims.”

Pincus continued, “He turned Xbox into the world’s largest console gaming network, growing its installed base from 10 to 80 million and transformed that business from deep losses to substantial profits,”

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wished Mattrick success in a letter to the firm’s employees that has been published online, thanking him for “setting us on a path to completely redefine the entertainment industry”. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Ballmer didn’t go into how the Xbox One project will continue without Mattrick in his statement. But he did say, “The strong leadership team at IEB and their teams are well positioned to deliver the next generation entertainment console… long into the future.” Ballmer didn’t say, whether Dan Mattrick was fired after his part in the fiasco that was the Xbox One reveal or if he left “voluntarily.”

One can only wonder if the remaining teams have been taking a few courses on customer relations?

The move seems to be Microsoft “cleaning house” after their epic reveal “fail” of the new console. A reveal that caused so much controversy that the company have now removed all the “stumbling blocks” that caused such an uproar from Xbox fans.

It certainly seems that Microsoft has not just removed the upsetting features of their new console but they’ve also removed the one spokesman who didn’t seem to care what the Xbox fan base wanted and pretty much said so.

It does look like Mattrick and his career may just be on the slide down. Moving from a company that is topnotch in its field(s) and joining the ranks of a company that is suffering a steep decline in its profits.

Zynga has been desperately attempting to houseclean their own company after shedding almost a fifth of its workforce last month as it tried to stem is falling market value. At the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting it was announced that the company would have to axe 520 more jobs and close some offices.

Apparently Mark Pincus believes that “Mr Popularity” Dan Mattrick, is the answer to his companies problems, but the question still remains, did he get fired from Microsoft? Was Mattrick shown the door after the very poorly received Xbox One reveal? And Mattrick’s very snotty attitude towards the console’s fans begs the question: has he gotten lessons in customer relations? But customer interaction aside, his leaving the software giant, does have a sort of Christians to the lions feel about it. Rather fitting, we think.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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