Zimmerman Jury Instructions As Read By Judge Nelson

Jury On The Case Have Question Regarding 'Manslaughter'

Zimmerman Jury Instructions As Read By Judge Nelson

As the nation awaits the verdict of the six women juror panel in the George Zimmerman trial. It is fairly noticeable how this trial has brought out the good, bad and just down right ugly in people. This case had divided many on race relations in America. It goes to show just how far we have come and how much farther we have to go.

Many have debated that Zimmerman had the right to defend himself but what about Trayvon and his right to defend himself as argued by the prosecution.

Now, and as the jury makes way to enter its 13th hour, a jury question was just introduced to the court.  All attorney’s approached the bench and discussed with the judge on how to instruct the jury in better clarifying the definition of Manslaughter. Judge Nelson shortly after called for a short recess, where both sides will take a break and discuss separately on how to better clarify the definition of manslaughter.

Read below the jury instructions as read by Judge Nelson who is presiding over the Zimmerman case:

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Story is updating, no verdict yet as jury approaches 13th hour.

-Kelly J Newson