50 Years Later: America’s Progression (Part I)


50 years ago the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous I HAVE A DREAM speech. Dr King spoke on jobs and the injustices of those times. However, America still faces some of the same issues it faced in the 1950s.

There are still some Americans who are discriminated against; there are still Americans who find it difficult to obtain higher education and if they do, they may find it difficult to find a good job afterwards.

We live in a society where companies would prefer to go overseas for cheap labor instead of employing good workers in America; workers who are then forced to take on two or three jobs just to make ends meet.

All this goes on while Republicans bicker about a new healthcare law instead of bringing fourth a jobs bill; or fighting for those who are not lining their pockets, but for those trying to buy the next election.

Not one Republican showed up to speak at this year’s March on Washington, but the Republicans say they want to include Blacks and other people of color. This could have been a good start in getting people of color to vote Republican.

It seems the GOP doesn’t want to include people of color or care about them. The current president has an important schedule to keep just like Boehner or Cantor but was still in attendance. Cantor chose to take up a meeting with an oil company and Boehner, according to his schedule, had no engagements.

This only makes one wonder and ponder if the GOP really cares about people of color or just the ones who nod and agree with whatever they say. Sorry, but not everyone is a Clarence Thomas, and many would prefer to be a Colin Powell; speaking out when the wrong people take charge and putting party over country.

The GOP should take a page from Colin Powell and learn to speak out against the Limbaughs, Trumps, Coulters, and the Fox News machine. Its time for the GOP to distance themselves from these types.

The GOP may have at one time stood for people of color but not today in 2013. Today you have GOP governors, The Supreme Court, senators and congressional men and women voting down the voting rights act, gay rights and women’s rights. They’re just dismantling simple rights that were put into place to allow everyone their right to vote or a woman’s right to choose.

That’s not how you get voters on your side. You don’t suppress votes and many would even say the GOP has committed voter fraud. There’s only a small percentage of voter fraud but there hasn’t been enough to swing an election. The biggest voter fraud was Bush in 2004 when Jeb Bush stole the election for his brother George.

Yet, Republicans keep bringing up voter fraud as an excuse to oppress votes or redraw district lines. However, no generation who witnessed this will forget it, so we are out making sure voters have proper ID. This country does not need another 2004 Florida mess up. It needs all voters casting votes and all votes counted.