Platinum Rapper Accused of Gang Rape

After Justin Beiber Concert

After Justin Beiber Concert

Platinum rap artist, Sean Kingston, has been accused of participating in a gang rape. He allegedly raped Carissa Capeloto back in 2010 when she was still a teenager. Capeloto, who is now 22-years-old, says that the rapper, a band member, and his body guard raped her in a hotel room while she was intoxicated.

Capeloto had just attended a Justin Bieber concert where Kingston also performed. She was under the impression that she was going to a meet-and-greet with the rapper, however, once she entered the Seattle hotel room she was forced to have sex with Kingston and his crew. Even though Kingston says it was consensual, Capeloto had suffered rape related injuries and was treated at a hospital.

In 2010 criminal charges were dropped related to this incident, but now the victim is seeking $5 million from Kingston and his fellow co-horts. Reportedly, at that time, there was not sufficient evidence to charge the men.

Before going to meet Kingston, Capeloto said that she had consumed between seven and ten vodka shots in addition to smoking marijuana that night.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was clearly intoxicated and not able to offer “undiluted” consent when this occurred. Capeloto was rescued by one of her friends, who also called the police.

Kingston has since begun his own legal process because he is adamant that the sex was consensual.

He said he isn’t really talking much about the accusation because he’s too busy focusing on his upcoming music release, “Back 2 Life.” This project was aptly named due to the horrible Jet Ski accident he suffered in the summer of 2011. The accident left him in a hospital, fighting for his life.

The near fatal accident left Kingston very close to death. He woke up with a broken jaw, a torn aorta, his wrist was fractured and his lungs contained water. Nearly 90 percent of people who suffer a torn aorta don’t survive, so he’s grateful to be alive.

After recovering enough to be released from the hospital, he made his first public appearance on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards. He said that he could tell that his fans were excited to see him. Many didn’t anticipate ever seeing him again so they were shocked, but supportive.

Kingston said that God gave him another chance at life and as a result he chose to title his album, “Back 2 Life.”

He said he’s doing the music he wants to do and it’s all uphill from here. Kingston said he wrote 85 percent of the album so he’s very proud; this one truly represents who he is. He says his upcoming release is sort of a hip-hop and pop blend; something he sort of created. He said it’s “fly and youthful.”

Kingston said he started his career as a rapper, but many don’t know that. He says he set the bar because no one was doing a reggae hip-hop mix at that time. He was spitting lyrics and singing the hook. He’s very versatile.

When asked about his love life he replied, “I’m 23 and I’m not rushing into any of that.” Kingston said if it happens it happens but what’s the rush.

Kigston said he’s been working out every day and lost about 45 pounds and he’s determined to not only maintain his weight, but to lose even more. Kingston says he’s back 100 percent. His near death experience taught him to count his blessings, “everything seems new again” and he’s living and enjoying life and that’s all he plans to do. The platinum rapper appearing to shrug off the accusations of gang rape.

By Cherese Jackson


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