6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Struck Maluku Islands in Indonesia


On Monday, an earthquake measuring 6.5 magnitude on the Richter scale struck the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. The Meteorlogy and Geophysics Agency said that there was no potential that a tsunami would result, as the epicenter of the earthquake was very deep.

Initial reports mentioned that the earthquake was one of 6.0 magnitude, but a report in The Hindu has raised it to one of 6.5 magnitude.

Xinhua reported, citing an agency official, that the earthquake hit the region in the early morning and the epicenter of it was at a depth of 121 km under the seabed, at 155 km northwest of Maluku Tenggara Barat of Maluku province.

The agency official added: “We do not issue a tsunami warning. So far there is no report of damage as the center of the quake was deep.”

A previous report mentioned that the quake was of a 6.0 magnitude, and was located 364 km from Tual, Indonesia. According to this report, at the Earthquake.com site, the quake occurred at 12:53 a.m. (00:53 UTC).

The site reported that the earthquake was close to Kepulauan Babar, Kep. Tanimbar, Kepulaun Barat Daya, the Banda Sea, the Timor Sea, and other places in Indonesia. Indonesia sits on a vulnerable quake-prone zone called the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Yet another site, news.au.com, described the earthquake as being a 6.3 magnitude one, and said that it “struck in Indonesian waters just north of Australia with the tremors being felt in Darwin.”

This site stated “the quake hit 189km northwest of Saumlaki, in Indonesia at a depth of 92km, the US Geological Survey said.”

The site also said that the “area is in the Banda Sea, about 600km due north of Darwin.”

The news.au.com site added that:

“Residents in Darwin took to social media reporting that they felt the tremor.

“Jacqueline was spooked: ‘Omg I thought it was just me shaking on my couch but then all the windows and pots started rattling’, the NT News reports.

“Camille, on Facebook, said: ‘Must have been a strong one, given I could feel it over the construction across the road’.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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