DiMarkco Chandler –Publishing Innovator Gives Writers a Platform for Expression

hat can you say about a publishing innovator that you’ve never seen, or talked to in person, but still; he listens.  And when you’re ready, he gives you a voice that can be expressed and heard around the world.  And then, on-top-of-that, he provides you with a platform to speak it.  Well… if his name is DiMarkco Chandler, you can say a lot.

For those of you who don’t know him, Chandler is the Publisher and Editor-in- Chief of The Guardian Express and MARSocial online news; he is also the publisher of Frackle.com, a place where seasoned and budding journalists meet and exchange ideas.

Recently, I read a summary that DiMarkco Chandler wrote of himself: “I am primarily interested in writing about issues that expand inclusivity and people’s right to have a platform of expression. Ultimately, the publications that I co-founded will provide and maintain a platform for all voices, regardless of their social-economic, political, and religious differences.”

After reading his summary, I understood why Chandler has been labeled as a ‘reckless and innovative thinker.’  Chandler doesn’t believe in ‘exclusivity.’  For him, ‘inclusivity’ is the name of the game.  Chandler has developed a strategy that   provides an aperture for writers to enter into an organization that challenges them with the ultimate task of providing entertaining, informative and thought-provoking news from around the corner… to around the world.

DiMarkco Chandler is more than an innovator; he is also a prolific writer and scholar. He is also a seasoned historian, who holds two advanced degrees:  a Master’s Degree in Greco-Roman history and a Ph.D. in Religion. I challenged myself to read several of his historical abstracts on Greco-Roman History. I found them to be enlightening and insightful – and I hate history!

As an innovator, Chandler “has broken into” the social-media market again; with the development of MARSocial, another social-media venue.  I asked several people who work with Chandler, the same question:  “how would you describe DiMarkco Chandler?”  Each time the response was almost the same, “He’s open to new ideas and adaptive to change… he’s continually developing strategies that work for the organization as a whole…and he empowers his writers to think innovatively, but he’s there to provide inspirational leadership and motivation.  He’s the kind of leader that makes you want to, achieve…achieve…achieve.”

I guess it’s no surprise that DiMarkco Chandler is Editor-in-Chief of a rapidly-growing news medium.   It seems that writing is a part of his DNA.  After all, his mother, Christine Houston, is an award winning playwright and creator of the hit sitcom “227.” She was also a staff writer for “Punky Brewster,” and “The Jeffersons.”  Recently, she debuted her novel, “Laughing Through the Tears.”

There’s an old adage that says, “You get your breaks on Broadway.”  And though that may be true, it’s affirmative that you get your break when you’re under the tutelage and mentoring of someone like DiMarkco Chandler; who not only appreciates talent, but also gives Writers’ a platform for expression.

Written By:  DeBorah Heggs-Alston



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