Just Imagine Being Chris Brown

Just imagine that you’re a 24-year-old successful entertainer, with loads of money and an entourage of people attending to you day and night.  You’re Chris Brown, with have good looks, a killer smile, a steady girlfriend, and a bevy of beauties at your beck and call trying to be the next eye candy on your arm.

Now further imagine that your workday can easily become 24-hours long, and is comprised of singing rehearsals that strain your voice but you continue until you get it right; practicing dance moves so strenuous and exhausting that you barely dry off, before you’re drenched in sweat again.  Then add to that touring, travel time, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, legal woes; and when you can, a night out with your friends. Now add to that, the name Chris Brown.  It’s no wonder that he allegedly had a seizure.

And then there are the various stresses that Mr. Brown has been under, altercations with fellow entertainers, court battles, probation revocation (for his 2009 conviction for beating Rihanna.)  And then amid all of this, there are the hit-and-run allegations.

According to court documents, Brown was driving without a license and insurance when his car allegedly rear-ended Olga Kovalenko.

On July 22, Brown tweeted “I did everything I was supposed to do during the so called hit n run.  I provided the correct info. There were no injuries or damages. C’mon!!”

According to documents filed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, Chris allegedly left the scene of a hit-and-run accident. Though no charges were filed by Ms. Kovalenko, the D.A.’s office has stilled filed charges against Brown.

According to HollywoodLife.com sources, Brown’s girlfriend, Karrueche Tran was there and saw the whole thing.

Although he has lost a lot of public appeal in the past, Chris Brown is still the consummate entertainer.  He sings, he dances, he acts, and acts-out.

Brown emerged in the music industry in 2004 after signing with Jive Records.  He released his first album the following year which went to double platinum. Since then he has made his mark as a rising star in the music industry with hits like Run It, Kiss Kiss, Forever and With You. Brown won a Grammy for best album at the 54th Grammy Awards.  Brown has also appeared in a number of movies including, Stomp the Yard, This Christmas and Takers.

Here are a few upcoming August tour dates for Brown:

Extraco Events Center, Waco …

Fri, Aug 23 – Power Bash Featuring Chris …

Waikiki Shell, Honolulu, HI

Thu, Aug 29 – Chris Brown

MTS Centre, Winnipeg, MB

So, as I said earlier, just imagine being Chris Brown.  Chris has a lot on his plate, but remember; he’s only 24 and he’ll get through it.

Written by DeBorah Heggs-Alston

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