Amanda Bynes’ Request to Leave Psychiatric Hold Denied by Judge

Rebooting Your Life is a Gift to Yourself

Rebooting Can Save Your LifeAfter appearing before a judge on Thursday, Amanda Bynes has been denied the right to leave psychiatric hold, according to a new report. Bynes was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward in California after she set a small fire in a stranger’s driveway. Bynes was not arrested in the case; instead she was placed on a 5150 hold.

A 5150 order places an individual under a 72-hour involuntary psychiatric hold, during which they are given a mental health evaluation. The order, under the section of the California Welfare & Institutions Code, allows for the involuntary hold when someone “makes statements that they’re either a danger to themselves or others, or gravely disabled.” Simply stated it is an involuntary hospitalization for mental evaluation.

Her parents, Rick and Lynn Bynes, had initially requested a conservatorship over her affairs. The request to take legal control of the troubled actress’ affairs was delayed, as Ventura County Superior Court Judge Glen M. Reiser said that since Bynes was currently under a 14-day hold, an emergency decision about a conservatorship wasn’t necessary. Reiser instead set a new hearing for August 9 to determine who will control Bynes’ affairs. The judge said that he hoped the actress would be present in court on that date, along with her appointed attorney, Mary Shea.

In 2008 Britney Spears was also put on a 5150 hold when the singer’s erratic behavior sparked concern from family and officials. Bynes parent’s request for conservatorship is similar to a legal maneuver Spears’ father enacted in 2008, during a difficult stretch in the pop singer’s life.

At the August 9 hearing, a judge will decide who controls her financial and personal affairs. An initial conservatorship would only be for 30 days, though if probable cause is found to renew it, the conservatorship could be extended for a year and renewed on an annual basis.

Amanda has received support from fans and celebrities alike; her former “All That” co-star, Nick Cannon, penned an open letter to her.

It appears the judge is forcing Bynes to take a “time out” and enter into a rebooting phase of life. This is something people everywhere could benefit from and use to help set their lives back in order. Here are a few principles about rebooting to explain why:

  • Rebooting helps disrupt any virus attempting to attack: Understand that everyone goes through periods of down time. They get overwhelmed and need some time to gather themselves and digest what’s going on. This is very similar to rebooting a computer. If something dangerous is detected, a manual reboot can literally prevent a total corruption. By stopping it from running, the computer can suffer minimum damage. That’s brilliant. The next time someone is experiencing a horrible day, go home and reboot by taking a long walk, reading, or exercising. Doing this can reboot one’s system internally and prevent them from reacting in a way that can cause further damage.
  • Rebooting can help serve as a system flush: The truth is everyone has a lot of junk within. They carry around stress, bad experiences and even traumas from place to place without noticing the weight it causes. In the computer world there is something called the RAM or (Random Access Memory) which handles different short-term tasks and data, like running processes and holding program values. Rebooting a computer flushes out all this information, allowing the device to start anew and helping it run faster and more efficiently.  When people go to sleep nightly, they should be able to leave the day’s issues that day and start fresh in the morning.  Rebooting nightly creates a better opportunity for success.
  • Rebooting helps install upgrades:  All people have things on their ‘back burners’ that need their attention. Often they are projects and activities that will enhance their development and help them move forward. The problem is too often people are busy with so many other things that really don’t matter. By rebooting their lives, they bring into perspective what is important. These upgrades are needed to help people become all that they dream. Rebooting is simply finding time to get better.

Bynes’ attorney argued that there is no legal basis for the 27-year-old to remain in the hospital because she is not a danger to others and is able to take care for herself. During the meeting with the judge, held at the psychiatric facility where she is currently staying, the judge decided that Bynes should stay there. Bynes has humiliated herself in the media for well over a year now, so it seems that anyone really in her corner would agree with and support the decision of Judge Glen M. Reiser.

Rebooting your life is a gift to yourself. It reconnects you with your spirit, the wisdom and joy that lives within, along with the truths that position your choices. It’s a personal anti-virus program that allows for freedom of what distracts, disorients, and keeps people from their best and highest good. Hopefully Amanda Bynes will leap at the opportunity for a reboot and get the help she needs to return to a strong and vibrant life.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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