Amanda Bynes Seven Incidents That Proved She Was in Trouble

Amanda Bynes Seven Incidents That Prove She Was in Trouble

Amanda Bynes has been on a trip to her own personal hell since March 2012. Apart from her vitriol filled Twitter rants and her rap star aspirations, the 27 year-old child star has had five incidents that show she was in trouble. Her downward spiral to a complete loss of control isn’t a pretty sight.

Incident number one:

It all seemed to start with her being stopped and ticketed by police for using her cell phone while driving in Los Angeles in March 2012. Then in April she was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) after she smacked the patrol car of LA’s finest. She was charged with the offence of DUI and she lost her license as a result.

Incident number two:

In September 2012, Amanda was charged for two hit and run offences. One was in April and the other in August 2012. Both charges were dropped in December after the ex-Nickelodeon star made a financial settlement with her victims. Also in September, Bynes was caught driving with her suspended license and got her car impounded.

Incident number three:

After her license had been suspended and Bynes relocated to New York, her troubles started again. At Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, she was refused entry to a private jet flying to LA because she had no identification on her. She kicked up a stink and demanded that the pilot look her up on Google as she, “was Amanda Bynes.”

These first few incidents started the gradual build to seven incidents that proved Amanda Bynes was in trouble. As events escalated, her status changed from bizarre to dangerous.

Incident number four:

Amanda is arrested in her apartment building for allegedly smoking marijuana and pitching her bong out of the apartment window. A window on the 36th floor. She then made allegations that the police officer who arrested her had, “touched my vagina.” She received her first psychiatric evaluation as she was getting processed at the New York City police station.

Incident number five:

Now back in California, Amanda attempts to enter a private retirement home for the elderly. She is refused admission and staff call the young woman a cab. She jumps into the cab when it arrives and shouts for the driver to “get her out of there” and that she has no money for the fare. The driver calls the police.

Incident number six:

An elderly resident in Thousand Oaks, California has her driveway set on fire by Bynes on the same day that she tried to get into the old folks home. A neighbour calls in the fire and reports that Amanda apparently set some of her clothing alight. She tells the neighbour that her dog was burnt and she’s later seen in a liquor store with her gasoline drenched pomeranian. Which she attempts to rinse off in the employee restroom. A store teller makes her leave the washroom. Shortly after, Amanda is arrested.

According to the police report, her answers are spacy and don’t make sense. She is placed on 5250 (or 5150) psychiatric hold.

Incident number seven:

Once Amanda got her second psychiatric evaluation, it is discovered that she’s exhibiting classic signs of schizophrenia and she is ordered to stay on the 5250 hold for another 14 days. Her parents apply for conservatorship, which is put on hold until Bynes is evaluated further.

On top of these separate incidents that showed Amanda Bynes was having mental issues, was her activity on the social website Twitter. Her bizarre and disturbing tweets made the world wonder if she was losing her grip on reality and offers of help from colleagues in the entertainment industry flooded in. Amanda denied having any drug problems or mental problems. She still denies that she has mental issues and that is one reason why she’s been ordered to remain on psychiatric hold.

It is extremely sad that this young lady’s repeated cries for help were not heard. Each incident by itself was an indicator of a troubled young woman flailing around until someone got her message. It took an act of arson to finally get her incarcerated and examined for the second time to realise that she did have mental issues.

These seven incidents reveal a pattern or behaviour that seems almost designed to prove that Amanda Bynes was in trouble. Sadly, it took the last incident to show that her actions were now a danger to the public. Hopefully the “retired” performer can get the help she so desperately needs.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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