Amanda Bynes Tears are Just What the Doctor Ordered

Amanda Bynes Tears are Just What the Doctor Ordered

Amanda Bynes Tears are Just What the Doctor Ordered

Despite the fact that Amanda has had a 30-day extension on her psychiatric hold approved and her mother has been given conservatorship over Bynes, she is getting better. Doctors have said that her tears before the Friday court date last week, are just what the doctor ordered.

According to TMZ, Amanda went on a crying jag last Wednesday and Thursday night. Bynes said that she was afraid about the Friday court hearing, which she bypassed. Experts say that her medication must be working because schizophrenics cannot show emotion.

Fear and being sad are two things that schizophrenics don’t “do.” Part of the illness precludes “normal” emotions being exhibited. TMZ have also learned that the 27 year-old actress spoke to the medical staff the night before the court hearing and said that she was fine and didn’t need to stay in the hospital any longer.

Doctor’s also view this as an improvement because it shows her ability to form clear thoughts is on the upswing.

While it may seem a bit unfair that the medical experts have extended Amanda’s stay, it appears to have more to do with her still denying that she has a mental illness and that despite the positive result with her medication, she is still “gravely disabled.” Doctors have also said that if she does not accept her condition she may stop taking her medication once she is discharged.

On Friday last week a judge extended Bynes incarceration at the Hillman Psychiatric Center in Ventura County, for another 30 days. State law mandates that this extension is permissible if the patient is “gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder” or “is a danger to others, or him or herself.”

As mentioned above, Amanda is getting better, according to the doctors, and it appears that one reason for this is that her mental illness is not drug induced. An insider speaking to FOX411 said, “Amanda has made significant improvements, she is doing better than she was. There are no drug problems involved, it’s all mental. She has deep anger and PTSD, which tripped a psychotic episode… She is very ill, but manageable. Amanda genuinely wants to get better and has wanted to get better for some time.”

The fact that Amanda Bynes doctor’s recognise her tears as an improvement to her current condition, they’ve still ordered the increase of 30 days to her confinement. That appears to be for several reasons, not least of which is the recent discovery of her PTSD.

The PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is believed to be a “carry-over” from her Nickelodeon days as a child actress. It could be combined with issues that Amanda has with her parents.

The limited conservatorship that Judge Reiser temporarily granted Lynn Bynes is a “safety valve” to stop Amanda from acting out irrationally. A source explained, “Amanda can’t make important decisions regarding her finances and welfare. But her parents can’t either. Everything still needs to go through Amanda lawyer and the judge.”

Apparently, Amanda had already agreed to stay for the 30 day extension before the hearing, but that could be a temporary development as the same source went on to say, “She is easy to deal with at the moment and agreed to stay. While she is doing much better, Amanda needs to be monitored. She is on heavy anti-psychotic drugs and that requires constant medical observation. She wasn’t able to attend the hearing on Friday because at this point in treatment, she should not be moved.”

But with Amanda Bynes showing emotion and getting sad enough to be tearful, it appears that she’s doing just what the doctor ordered; improving. It may well be that the All That star gets released before the 30 days is up, but she’ll have to do more than exhibit emotional responses, she’ll need to admit that she has a problem.

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  1. The only time someone admits a problem is if they want help. She won’t get better if she doesn’t want to. Drugs are a symptom that there is a problem, and. a good stable support group would help her as well. Someone may need to get her parents involved in counseling of their own. If Amanda suffers from PTSD, allowing parents who were part of it may not help her recover. Movie star or not, i hope things work out for her. She’s. seems to be a beautiful young lady that needs help on how to live her life. Not having a childhood probably started alot of this. God bless her as well as those who are going through the same thing. I hope there are hollywood stars out there (preferably someone of the same gender) who have been through similar problems and give her support.

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