Pastor Refused to Perform Ceremony on Wedding Day: Bride’s Dress Too Sexy

Has the Church Exchanged Love for Stones?

The Standard of Holiness

Pastor of The Truth Ministries Holiness Church in Houston recently outraged an entire wedding party and may have  damaged his new ministry’s reputation after he refused to allow a bride to wed her husband on her wedding day because he felt her dress was too sexy.

Family members flew and drove long distances to be present for the couple’s special day. Upset and frustrated, guest at the wedding practically begged the pastor to reconsider but he emphatically refused.  Apostle Michael Canty said there was no way he would perform the ceremony.

Lisa Washington said she had never been more embarrassed then Saturday when local pastor, Canty, refused to officiate the ceremony and allow the couple to become “one” on their wedding day in his place of worship. Both families were present and while food was waiting to be served at the bride’s aunt house.

“I can’t believe this! I flew here to attend my cousin’s wedding and now I have to put up with this crap.  Now this so-called pastor doesn’t want to come out of his office” said the cousin of the bride.

The couple’s wedding was scheduled for 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday, August 10th. The pastor greeted the bride and groom around 2 o’clock and at that time took notice of the bride’s dress. According to the bride’s mother, the pastor jokingly asked,  “Where is the other half of the dress?” Not thinking anything of it, the family laughed it off and continued applying make-up to the bride. Around 2:30 the pastor asked one of his church leaders to ask the bride about the other part of her dress. The bride informed the leader that there was no more to the dress; “this is it”’ she said.

The leader, of course, reported the news to the officiating pastor. The pastor then informed the bride and groom, separately, that he could not, and would not, perform the wedding with the bride in that dress. The pastor told the bride she would have to cover up her breast area and find a way to add length to the dress. The bride informed the pastor there was no way to accomplish this with such short notice and at this point she has to wear the dress. The pastor reiterated that he would not perform the ceremony and walked back to his office.

The wedding party tried many times to change the pastor’s decision but their efforts were ineffective. Around 4:15 the wedding guests were growing impatient and started questioning the delay. Upon hearing the reason for the delay their impatience changed to anger and disbelief.

After hearing the news and realizing the bride was in the back crying hysterically, a minister who was a guest at the wedding offered to perform the ceremony. When the minister asked the pastor for permission to perform the ceremony, the pastor responded by saying, “No” and went on to tell him how disrespectful his request was.

The Truth Ministries Holiness Church is one that follows closely the standard view of holiness as they believe it to be. Every Church with holiness standards will moderately vary according to the discretion of that particular pastor. True holiness Churches in general will have these common standards for women:

  • Skirts should be below the knee; without splits or slits.
  • No jewelry, possibly a wedding band.
  • Pants are not worn
  • Shirts should not be form fitting.
  • Hair is to be chemical free.
  • No makeup.
  • Blouses or shirts should never reveal cleavage, (typically using a 2 finger-width rule from the neck all around).
  • Sleeves should cover elbows.
  • Absolutely no midriff.
  • Essentially – women should be dressed modestly, clean, presentable, and directing no attention to self.
  • Your hair is your glory, and the Holy Ghost is your shining beacon, emanating the wonder and beauty of God through our shamefacedness and sobriety.

When asked about the dress the bride said, “There were small alterations made to the dress to fit more desirably to her vision. I’m a unique person; I chose this dress because it’s different than the traditional wedding gown you see at every wedding.”

To date the couple is still not married and are currently checking their options to recover the money their guests lost with travel, food, and other expenses.

Neither the bride nor groom are members of this church and doubtfully ever will be after they way were treated.  The question remains, “Has the church exchanged love for stones?”

Apostle Michael Canty pastors The Truth Ministries Holiness Church which was established 14 months ago. The church currently rents a converted shoe store for worship services.


By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)  



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