Amanda Bynes Ugly Twitter Rants are Missed

Amanda Bynes Ugly Twitter Rants Missed

It is very sad that Amanda Bynes went so long before being diagnosed, albeit temporarily, as schizophrenic. And while her fans are being supportive, a lot of them are missing her “ugly” Twitter rants and her bizarre tweets about things in “Amanda Land.”

Twitter has been full of tweets from Bynes’ followers who say that they miss her presence on the social microblogging site.

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The last tweet really says it all:

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It’s apparent that Amanda Bynes has gone from Nickelodeon star to Twitter personality. Sadly, you don’t earn any money from being a Twitter celeb. Which could explain one reason why she’s shot through $1 million of her $4 million account.

The 27 year-old “retired” actress has been burning up (pun intended) the Twitter feed with tweets that have amused, shocked and infuriated her followers.

Take her tweet referencing her shaved head. Followers were infuriated by her tweet that said:

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According to British newspaper The Mirror, Bynes’ tweet enraged her followers and caused some to hit back at her cancer reference. Tweets to Bynes included some that said she’d crossed the line and that she should apologise for her “disrespectful” tweet. Yet another fan accused her of being heartless.

With followers charging Amanda with being “insensitive,” and “unreal,” another got to the point and said, “Unless you’re sick daily and spend countless hours in the hospital you have no idea what being a cancer patient feels like.”

But on this subject, Amanda has been quiet. She has apologised in the past for her many “ugly” rants against other celebrities like Rihanna and Drake, et al. But it is only the “ugly” celebrities that she’s apologised to. Not so famous people she just labels ugly, no apology required. Bynes’ tweets have been missed though, as it’s been a long dry spell on the ugly front lately.

Amanda’s last tweet was on July 20 this year. She states that “Drake is gorgeous.” Her Twitter rants abruptly stopped when she decided to crash a retirement home and then set fire to strangers driveway in California. Her 5150 psychiatric hold has taken her from the world of microblogging and her followers are starting to suffer from withdrawal.

With Bynes’ Twitter feed drying up, followers are missing her daily reports of plastic surgery, people morphing her photos and her many attacks against other famous folk who she then apologises to.

But while her followers miss those bizarre ramblings, other people can see the disturbing truth behind those tweets. Bynes was not playing some sort of “fame game” she was losing her tenuous grip on her sanity. While the world laughed at and with Bynes they missed the obvious signals being sent out to the world.

Amanda Bynes’ ugly Twitter rants were amusing, but what we all missed was the hidden message behind them. They were a cry for help and the only ones who saw that were her frustrated parents who tried to step in and help their disturbed daughter. Now that Amanda has been placed on involuntary psychiatric hold, her tweets may have dried up, but her call for help has finally been answered.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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