Apple Releases Streak CRM App Update for Gmail

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Gmail has over 50 million users and now Streak has been updated for sales people to keep in contact, like never before. Instead of scrolling through the endless inbox string, you can now group your customers emails specific to their name based on a CRM platform. You can place your active leads in one group and customers in a negotiation phase in another group, allowing an easier way to connect and receive up-to-date information from your corporate office, bankers or investors.

The next question for many, is what is CRM? It is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management and is a software that changed the face of the sales and business industry. Back in the day CRM was computer based, never dreaming much about it for on the go usage. Over time, some generic versions have appeared, but honestly Streak is showing some tremendous advantages and seamless integration into Gmail just made it a siren’s call.

The whole point of a CRM system is for customer-center thinking and response. It provides a fundamental base of business strategy, by expanding the use of communications. The update from the Apple store for the release of Streak with Gmail just makes this more enticing. Outlook may be feeling like the red-headed stepchild, as this app will only work with Gmail.

So, how does Streak work? You basically create a pipeline (anyone who has worked or works in sales will know this) your pipeline is the essence of your income. You can create a template or use one already in place. You then can review your pipeline boxes, such as leads, closed deals all in one place. You can add your team members to review the information as well, so they keep up to date. Think of the time saver for companies!

streak crm app
See your pipeline from one screen











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Correspond with your team all in one place

















In addition, if you are in sales, snippets are available to formulate a common template message, instead of writing it over and over again. You can even use a snippet, personalize for your customer and schedule it to send later in the afternoon, when you know your customer will see it, instead of landing somewhere in their inbox. Additionally, once your customer opens and reads the email, you get notification the email was opened and how many times it has been opened.

streak crm app
Snippet tool to save time












You don’t have to go through the hassle of manual adds, creating a label and finding it clumsily to add. The app works for you, instead of against you. The whole idea is saving time, so your emails will correspond with the pipeline headers and find their way there directly.  You can always sync your phone to your desktop to manage several update features and take it on the go for future updates on statuses.

The Chrome Store and the Apple store have released this latest update to the Streak app. Imagine instead of waiting for texts or catching someone at the office, you simply can access your Gmail pipeline and leave a message in your global team newsfeed and advise of the update to the customer. The app saves you an incredible amount of time and has already gained mass appreciation from users since its release.

Angelina Bouc

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