Beyond the Conspiracy Theory of the Illuminati Within Society

Final Part of a III Part Series

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Parts I and II of this III part series was covered earlier this week. You can find those links at the end of the article. These parts are just the tip of the iceberg of this elusive and far-reaching portrayed sect. The articles written were considered with a source and information located online. Writing is just one method of combining the information received. The Illuminati and their significance within society continues to be questioned. The process of control is one deeply embedded within the darkening and silky tendrils of the Illuminati’s reach. There has been a source who has shared their story of watching Flight 93 approach Hopkins International Airport, just to have the city mayor deny the statement he just released. There remains a tangible review of false flags, unwarranted wars and strange symbolism throughout the entertainment industry and this fixation within and beyond society.

Henry Makow listed the series of Hollywood movies that showed curious ties alluding to the Illuminati reach. One of the more notorious movies noted was ‘The International.’ Clive Owen stars in the movie and it created waves of curiosity watching Owen play Interpol Agent Louis Salinger- the agent was seeking to stop the corruption and economic global downfall from the hand of a multinational bank, the IBBC.  In one part of the movie, Makow shares the quote of the portrayed bank security officer who states, “This is why your investigative efforts have been undermined and why you and I will be quietly disposed of before any case against the bank ever reaches a court of law… If you really want to stop the IBBC, you won’t be able to do it within the boundaries of your system of justice — you will have to go outside.”

Tangible are the varying signs of the secret coven called the Illuminati; a sect containing the few powerful to rule over the masses. A symbolism review even detected by the novice eye of citizens within society:

The All-seeing eye much like the cat, is a fundamental connection to the ties of the Illuminati. This eye is accredited to the deity myth of the Eye of Ra or more famously the Eye of Horus.  Theorist state this symbol is a lead symbol branding the arrival of the Illuminati, especially the emphasis of the left eye. The symbolism of the eye and evil of the Illuminati is pointed to in movies, cartoons and beyond:

Any Given Sunday- helmets












Simpsons Episode in the later 90s reflects on 9/11 hidden agendas
Simpsons Episode in the late 90s reflects on 9/11 hidden agendas













Being There movie shows an interesting pyramid
Being There movie shows an interesting pyramid














Nickelodeon displays a unique addition
Nickelodeon displays a unique addition










Gravity Falls focuses on an intriguing shop
Gravity Falls focuses on an intriguing shop












Squidward displays headgear with a disturbing background building.
Squidward displays headgear with a disturbing background building.














Believe it or not, the variations of symbolism continues to be a leading given of the dark entrails of this long-time sect. Many have pointed out to the further advancement of these ties in Hollywood and kid’s cartoons. A sort of branding that becomes natural in order and process, eventually placing human kind into a premeditated process of the New World Order, according to theorist. Beyond the conspiracy of the Illuminati resides the many questions. In the shadow of truth and light, with nothing but further intrigue resulting in silenced roadblocks, these three parts have illustrated a curious sense of wanting to know more. Your interpretation of the information is of your own review. Our source reflected on the final review of the Illuminati:

Einstein once said that energy cannot be destroyed, only displaced. If the human mind were capable of utilizing its full capacity, we would have no need for bodies, hence the soul (subconscious). The mark of the beast, per say, will be a computer chip available within the next 15-30 years which can be surgically placed into the frontal lobe of the brain. It will essentially be able to open doors within your own mind that the brain never knew existed. It is said to be held in comparison to having the emotional and physical height of the best sex imaginable as well as experiencing the emotion of the highest height of a religious experience, except combined, yet better.

It is a challenging task to let go of the institutionalized cognitive dissonance training long enough to behold the technologies they will hold the people’s willing souls to (a good name for it would be) the soul switchboard. Evil has been happening more and more through violence from our new found police state. So you have to wonder ‘Will I sell my eternal soul as the Pagan Illuminati major players have that we all worship to?’

The Illuminati certainly do put on glorious entertainment but it’s a ritual of self worship that our energies are being drained and funneled into. William Cooper, a U.S. naval captain and the son of one of the highest Illuminati, will tell you they have it planned out by star time a century down the road. They know how to control the masses so well that they can have many of you going to the bar with a headache just by raising the price of gas.

The all seeing eye goes deep into history as time repeats itself, over and over.

Hollywood will tell you all there is to know about whats actually real in our reality that we all allow.  Historical stories are legends passed on as entertainment that goes further than time itself and reside in our imaginations and subconscious mind. You cannot fathom what monks describe as “climbing the tree of life.” The human mind cannot possibly fathom infinite, it is a finite mass we are bound to. You must ask yourself:  “Will I be a willing slave and turn over my soul to evil?” Because you cannot deny morality the soul or the enigma. You cannot deny the Illuminati in this society and beyond what most consider conspiracy.

Angelina Bouc

Frank E.B. – Lead Contributor

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