NASA, 9/11 and the Illuminati, Beyond the Conspiracy Theory

Part I of a III Part Series

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In 2001, the world shivered as two hulking towers that represented the power and magnificence of America’s financial core – simply collapsed. From sea to sea, horror became intensified as the world turned its eyes to Washington for response. The questions surrounding the events remained minimal, until the war resulted in millions of young Americans coming home without limbs and dying. It was a brutal and ugly war that continues to stigmatize the world. As the coming 12 year anniversary approaches, more questions are coming to the surface. The tie of government conspiracy theory stem to the NASA, the Illuminati and the portrayed cover-up of 9/11. A sickness grows inside for many Americans – bitterness slithered from other countries as the questions build and few answers are revealed; a force that covers inside jobs, affiliated sources and expands even into the entertainment industry.

Black entertainers have stepped forward, decrying the Illuminati and advising of its destruction in Hollywood. Many refer to the changing brands of singers and actors. Many more focus on the symbolism seemingly demonstrated in videos, such as circles around the eye, triangles and Super Bowl demonic acts-worshiping a darker power; a dark power that seeks to dominate and if not dominated, expands to destroy a reputation, before delivering the final, deathly blow. Many celebrity deaths have circled back to this sect, in search of answers as inquiries explode.

Beyond the conspiracy lies the many faces who questioned and inquired – demanding to know more. Dave Chappelle, Katt Williams, Montel Williams, Charlie Sheen, Rosie O’Donnell, Dan Rather, Willie Nelson, Lee Majors and many more of those in the spotlight. Or were. These same individuals were demonized for exposing their thoughts on the aspect of government involvement in 9/11, the bind of entertainment and a dark force and a source’s review of NASA. The involvement of a more sinister agenda, some fear, is handled by a powerful sect known as the Illuminati. In this delivery expands collective branches of its involvement in entertainment, politics and the agenda of 9/11.

I am merely a reporter – a pen delivering the sequences of interviews, reviews and additional information relayed by a source. In doing so, the information here will be hotly debated, denied and at times accepted. Opinion journalism is intended as a way of literary release, and criticism is expected. This three part series will focus on the information received, discussed and considered from celebrities and from a local source. Stories will be shared; the end result is what you take from it. Is it a conspiracy theory or is it something beyond a conspiracy? We will take a look into the ties that tie NASA, 9/11 and the darker approach of Hollywood under one sect, the Illuminati.


Rosie O’Donnell spoke during her time on The View in 2007 regarding the questions surrounding the collapse of World Trade Center 7. Below is the video. That same year Rosie’s contract was not renewed and she fell from the public eye; a move many theorists blame on the Illuminati.

Katt Williams takes responsibility for his actions, but states The Illuminati will push to silence entertainers, especially black male entertainers, by mocking them. This same silence was a theory contributed to silence Rosie. This was an interview conducted by BlackTree.TV:

Highly criticized, Willie Nelson has been one of the louder voices demanding 9/11 truth. He appeared on Larry King Live in 2010 and other independent outlets, where he discussed his theory on the “inside job”:

The rest of this series will refer to other celebrities and their claims and calls for the truth of 9/11, the illustrative method of the Illuminati and a story that references NASA.

An Eye Of The Sky

I sat down with a local source,a life-long Clevelander who was driving on Interstate 480 during the fateful day of 9/11. This source states his need to learn more after he witnessed troubling events that called into question the level of honesty revealed by the government. Since that day, he has made it his mission to correspond the events with research connecting NASA, 9/11 and the Illuminati together. Here is his story:

After the second tower fell I drove home from my friend’s house. I was driving down I-480 west that runs adjacent to Hopkins international airport as I have for the past 15 years. The same highway that Presidential arrivals created a  shutdown on their way to and from Hopkins. I see a plane at the far corner of the tarmac where I’ve never ever even seen airplanes even so much as taxi, nearest the highway and furthest from the airport.

I thought to myself, wow must be another one hijacked (airliner). I get home and the mayor at the time Mike White is on the local news talking about how flight 93 has landed at Hopkins and being detained by SWAT yada yada. They held the people on the plane for 2 and a half hours until “federal authorities” arrived. They offloaded all passengers from flight 93 then loaded them onto a couple of tinted window shuttle buses. They were taken over to NASA space center which is right next door to Hopkins to be “debriefed”.

Interesting enough to say the least but here’s where it gets quirky. Mike White recants his statement that it was not flight 93. Okay, fine swell yet… Not one passenger was interviewed or the incident even talked about after that. Peculiar when the area that 93 supposedly crashed had not a single body part. So you ask yourself … where did those people go? Why were they debriefed if it wasn’t flight 93? Why were they never interviewed later or ever heard from again?
Let me move on, a childhood friend of mine in high school told me how his father who worked at NASA, spoke about the subterranean elevator that went down some one hundred stories. So now that starts putting pieces together from this secretive construct that are infamously known as the Illuminati.

The rest of this source’s story will be relayed in part two of a three part series labeled: NASA, 9/11 and the Illuminati, Beyond the Conspiracy Theory. Your review of these matters are for your own interpretation. The information will develop in each part of the series until the conclusion.


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